Company ICDSoft RSS news feed DMARC Compliance Made Easy: 1-Click Option to Enable DMARC in the ICDSoft Hosting Control Panel In response to the new DMARC requirements from Gmail and Yahoo, we have added a new feature to our hosting Control Panel that simplifies DMARC compliance for your domains. What is DMARC? DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an email authentication protocol that builds on two existing mechanisms: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identif... Tue, 06 Feb 2024 20:24:46 GMT New Feature in the ICDSoft Hosting Control Panel and Roundcube Webmail - Easy Mailbox Configuration for Apple Devices We have introduced a new feature to simplify the process of setting up mailboxes on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The feature is called "Apple device configuration", and it allows users to generate a mailbox configuration profile, eliminating the need for manual configuration. Rather than manually entering various mail settings, users can now simply fill in their nam... Thu, 25 Jan 2024 05:00:00 GMT Manage All Your WordPress Sites from the ICDSoft Account Panel with WordPress MultiManager We are excited to announce our new solution designed to streamline productivity for WordPress users - WordPress MultiManager! Accessible through the ICDSoft Account Panel, this new tool is available now and is completely free. With WordPress MultiManager, you can effortlessly manage multiple WordPress sites from one centralized location, regardless of where they are hosted. To make this happen... Tue, 12 Dec 2023 18:35:39 GMT ICDSoft Has Won the Top Tier WordPress Performance Award for the Second Year in a Row At ICDSoft, we put a lot of time and effort into enhancing our WordPress hosting services as we know how popular WordPress is. The number of people choosing WordPress as a website platform only continues to increase, and there are no signs this trend will end in the near future. This year alone we updated our WordPress toolkit twice with new useful tools and features, such as one-click updates... Mon, 28 Aug 2023 04:00:00 GMT Our Social Media Backup Service - SocialSync - No Longer Supports Twitter In the last few months there have been a lot of changes at Twitter. One important (and very controversial) change that directly affects developers providing Twitter-related services and apps is the transition of the Twitter API to a subscription-based business model for monetization. Basically, developers are faced with one of two options - either pay Twitter an exorbitant amount of money monthly... Wed, 02 Aug 2023 18:45:39 GMT ICDSoft WordPress Manager Updated with New Tools and Features We have been really focused on improving our managed WordPress tools even further. So, we are happy to introduce the next major update in the feature set of our WordPress Manager. We will go over the most important changes and enhancements below. New Features and QoL Improvements Now you have more control over what content to keep or delete when setting a staging site as live. More inform... Thu, 13 Jul 2023 04:00:00 GMT Easier WordPress Site Administration with Our Improved WordPress Manager We are starting the new year with some major improvements to the WordPress section in our hosting Control Panel, which is now called WordPress Manager. Here's a quick summary of what has been updated and improved: When a user logs in to their Control Panel, we now check the hosting account for WordPress installations that have not been imported to WordPress Manager. If we find some, we s... Thu, 19 Jan 2023 05:00:00 GMT SocialSync - Our Social Media Backup Service - Now Supports Twitter The recent events around Twitter - from the ownership change, subsequent account policy and moderation modifications, to the general uncertainty surrounding the platform in recent months, resulted in an increased interest in our social media backup service and site generator SocialSync. So, we are happy to announce that SocialSync, which is available for free with every ICDSoft hosting plan, no... Mon, 19 Dec 2022 05:00:00 GMT New Productivity Features in Roundcube Webmail - Calendars and Tasks We recently introduced "Copy mailbox" - a tool that allows ICDSoft users to copy the contents of a mailbox directly from their hosting Control Panel. This tool is especially useful when you want to switch from an email provider such as Gmail to your own mailbox with ICDSoft. But what if you have calendars and want to move them along with your messages? Or what if you want to create an... Thu, 04 Aug 2022 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft Has Earned the 2022 Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award Here at ICDSoft we know our way around WordPress, and we take special care when optimizing our infrastructure and system software for the best possible WordPress performance. Along with that, we have a WordPress toolkit that allows users to quickly and easily install and manage a WordPress-based site. We could go on about the WordPress optimization and management features we provide at no extra... Wed, 27 Jul 2022 04:00:00 GMT New Mail Migration Tool in the hosting Control Panel - Copy Mailbox Recently, Google announced they would be discontinuing the G Suite legacy free edition, pushing people to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in a serious backlash from many users, and Google had to back down a bit. They now allow people who use the G Suite legacy free edition for non-commercial purposes to opt out of the transition to Google Workspace. W... Wed, 29 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT New Addition to Our Productivity Suite - Notifications for Slack We have some good news for anyone who uses Slack and has services with us. We developed a new application that will send you notifications about expiring services directly in Slack. Why an App for Slack? Slack is a multi-platform messaging solution that helps people improve their workflow by bringing all work communication into one place. If you are already using Slack, receiving service exp... Tue, 21 Jun 2022 04:00:00 GMT New ICDSoft Account Panel Features - Doing Business As and Spanish Language For the convenience of our business partners, agencies, and freelancers, we have added two new features which can help you build your brand identity and better connect with your clients. Doing Business As This feature allows you to show custom contact information in the hosting Control Panel - the place your customers visit the most while managing their hosting services. Now you can show... Tue, 17 May 2022 04:00:00 GMT Better Site Management With ICDSoft's Improved WordPress Section Over 40% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. This makes it the most popular tool for building websites, which is why we've made sure WordPress runs great on our servers. It's also why we offer free WordPress management tools via the WordPress section in our hosting Control Panel. Today, this section gets a major update. We have improved and optimized quite a few thing... Mon, 21 Feb 2022 05:00:00 GMT New Dark Mode and Message Encryption for the ICDSoft Roundcube Webmail We have some good news for our current and future webmail users - Roundcube Webmail has been upgraded to the new, recently-released version 1.5 on all servers. We have also upgraded the PHP environment used for our Roundcube Webmail, and it now runs on the latest PHP branch (PHP 8). Along with the bug fixes and optimizations a new software version brings, there are also two major new features w... Thu, 11 Nov 2021 05:00:00 GMT New Hosting Account Control Features Today we are introducing a new feature in the ICDSoft Account Panel. It allows granular control over the hosting services for each account. You can find this feature in the Account Details section of each hosting account. The following services can be enabled/disabled per hosting account: Cron Database DNS FTP Mail SSH Web These controls can be used not only for mana... Wed, 15 Sep 2021 04:00:00 GMT New Upgrade for the Business Plus Plan - Addon Domains Due to the growing demand for more flexible hosting solutions, today we upgraded our most powerful shared hosting plan - Business Plus. All existing and new users of the Business Plus plan will get 4 additional addon domains included in their hosting subscriptions, allowing them to host up to 5 websites with separate mailboxes on a single shared plan. With this addition, the Business Plus plan... Tue, 22 Jun 2021 04:00:00 GMT A New Addition to App Installer - Matomo Analytics We have added another application to our 1-click automatic installation tool App Installer - Matomo Analytics. Matomo (formerly Piwik) is a self-hosted, GDPR-compliant alternative to Google Analytics. It is a powerful web analytics platform that protects your data and your customers' privacy. Matomo is a free and open-source solution that offers 100% data ownership and data protection. You... Wed, 26 May 2021 04:00:00 GMT Magento and Elasticsearch 1-Click Installation Now Available on Select Plans The latest version of Magento requires Elasticsearch to work properly, and getting this search engine up and running is not exactly a point-and-click experience, as you can see from our How to install and run Elasticsearch article. At least, it was not a point-and-click experience until today. We are happy to announce that we have added Magento and Elasticsearch to our 1-click automatic install... Mon, 10 May 2021 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft Interviewed by HostAdvice The HostAdvice team got in touch and asked us for an interview where we can discuss our company, our products, and the hosting industry in general. You can check what we had to say by reading the interview on the HostAdvice website at: HostAdvice Speaks to Ivailo Ivanov of ICDSoft Hosting Mon, 26 Apr 2021 04:00:00 GMT Introducing Logo Maker We are happy to announce a great new addition to the Productivity tools in the ICDSoft Account Panel - Logo Maker. As a welcome gift for this new product, we are giving away the first 100 paid logos for free - read on to find out more! The Logo Maker is a tool designed to help every ICDSoft client build a professionally looking logo design quickly and easily. The tool is also very useful for... Fri, 26 Mar 2021 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft Featured at Web Hosting Professional The editorial team at, a website that focuses on writing honest, in-depth reviews about companies that provide online services, products and solutions, reached out to us and asked to write a review about ICDSoft. Naturally, we said yes. The review includes an interview with one of our senior support agents. The interview itself reveals some interesting facts about ICDSoft, an... Mon, 08 Mar 2021 05:00:00 GMT 1-Click Application Installation With Our New App Installer Platform We have a brand new software installation platform that allows our clients to quickly and easily install some of the most popular applications with a single click. We call this platform App Installer, and it's the latest addition to our ever-growing portfolio of useful tools and features. Read on to find out more about our new platform. What is App Installer? App Installer is our own web... Tue, 16 Feb 2021 05:00:00 GMT .ORG.UK Domain Registrations Now Available We are happy to announce that .ORG.UK domains are now available for registration through ICDSoft. .ORG.UK domains are the top-level domain name of choice for charities and not for profit organizations based in the United Kingdom. Non-commercial entities such as citizens, community groups, and various non-profit UK organizations can register a .ORG.UK domain. As with all domain names availabl... Tue, 02 Feb 2021 05:00:00 GMT ICDSoft Gets the HostAdvice Top 10 Reseller Award Following the growing number of positive user reviews that ICDSoft receives at, their team decided to put our services through some quality tests to make sure these reviews are genuine. Unsurprisingly, we've passed all tests with flying colors, so HostAdvice have given us their "Top 10 Reseller" award. You can click the award image below to go to the ICDSoft Revi... Tue, 26 Jan 2021 05:00:00 GMT Introducing Our New All-in-One Website Builder Starting a website on ICDSoft's platform has never been easier! We are happy to announce a brand new tool in our constantly growing portfolio of amazing features - an all-in-one, feature-rich, and easy-to-use free Website Builder. The new Website Builder is an extremely powerful tool, covering use cases from building a simple website in under an hour, to creating a fully functional web s... Wed, 16 Dec 2020 05:00:00 GMT Larger Mailboxes and More CPU Resources for the Business Plan Following the transition to our powerful new hardware platform, we have introduced quite a few service upgrades and new features over the last few months. We have a lot more new features and enhancements in the works, but here is a quick summary of some of the most important improvements which our clients already use and enjoy: - FPM with OPcache and server-side caching - for blazingly fast web... Thu, 12 Nov 2020 05:00:00 GMT Server-side Caching Now Automatically Enabled For New WordPress Installations We recently introduced our own server-side caching solution based on NGINX. You can read more about it in our announcement here: Server-side Caching Now Available Now, we have implemented an option to enable server-side caching automatically when installing a new WordPress instance via the WordPress section in the hosting Control Panel. The option to enable server-side caching is checked... Tue, 03 Nov 2020 05:00:00 GMT MySQL Disk Usage Allowance Increased We have increased the maximum disk space that we allow for MySQL data storage on shared hosting plans. The previous allowance was already quite generous, but we have increased it even further as follows: - 3 GB for Economy plans. - 10 GB for Business plans. - 30 GB for Business Plus plans. It is important to note that here at ICDSoft we don't automatically limit or suspend any service... Thu, 15 Oct 2020 17:40:20 GMT Free Domains for Educational Institutions Two years ago we introduced our free web hosting services for educational institutions. Today we are proud to say that ICDSoft provides free hosting services for hundreds of educational institutions around the world. We stand behind our belief that education is the key for creating a better world, which is why we are expanding the service with free domains from the most popular TLDs - .COM, .NE... Tue, 29 Sep 2020 04:00:00 GMT Meet SocialSync - Our Social Media Backup Service and Site Generator Social media networks have become an integral part of our lives. Over time, however, the content we create there gets lost and forgotten. Furthermore, keeping track of our posts and content is quite cumbersome when we have several profiles with different social media platforms. And have you ever considered what would happen if some social network decides to simply lock you out of your account or e... Tue, 25 Aug 2020 04:00:00 GMT SSL Certificates Can Be Purchased for a Maximum of One Year Most browsers have adopted new policies regarding the validity of newly issued SSL certificates. SSL certificates issued after September 1, 2020 would be considered valid only if they have 398 days or less until expiration. As a result, all SSL certificates offered by ICDSoft can now be purchased/renewed for a maximum of one year. This change affects all ICDSoft interfaces and customer stores. Wed, 05 Aug 2020 04:00:00 GMT Addon Domains Now Available on Our SmartVPS Platform To meet the growing demand for multi-purpose VPS solutions, last year we created our SmartVPS plans that allow ICDSoft clients and partners to host many separate hosting accounts on a single VPS. The SmartVPS platform gives our customers the freedom to create custom hosting plans, host and manage as many projects as they want, and easily control the resources of each hosting account they set up... Wed, 17 Jun 2020 04:00:00 GMT Business Plus Plan Gets a Disk Space Upgrade, Now Offers 150 GB We've got some really good news for all current and future ICDSoft clients - we have significantly upgraded the disk space on our Business Plus plan. The upgrade process has already been completed, and from now on the plan will offer 150 GB of disk space. The Business Plus plan is the perfect solution for people who need more disk space and CPU resources than that available on the Business... Wed, 27 May 2020 04:00:00 GMT Introducing ICDSoft's New Service - Extended Backups Here at ICDSoft we have always believed that backups are an essential part of the hosting package. This is why we provide automatic daily backups for all hosting plans at no extra cost. We make these backups twice a day, and we keep them for 7 days for shared hosting accounts, and for 15 days for VPS plans. We have received many requests for extended backups from customers. As part of our recen... Thu, 14 May 2020 04:00:00 GMT Special Price for New .EU Domains We are happy to announce that until the end of this year (2020) all new .EU domains will cost 1.75 EUR for the first year of registration (when purchased with hosting). So, if you are eligible to register a .EU domain, grab one now together with a hosting account at a fair price. You can find more information about the .EU domain extension on our .EU Domain Names page. We sell domains at a fair... Fri, 08 May 2020 04:00:00 GMT New Webmail Client Available - Roundcube Webmail We are happy to announce the availability of a new webmail client for all our users. A new and improved webmail client was one of the features our users requested the most. We have chosen a great open-source email program - Roundcube, as the base for our new webmail client. Some of the most notable features the Roundcube email client has to offer are: - Drag-and-drop message management - Re... Fri, 24 Apr 2020 04:00:00 GMT Free video conferencing and web meetings by ICDSoft We just launched a free video conferencing service for all our clients based on the open-source Jitsi Meet ( software. At ICDSoft, we have a long history of working from home - a Work From Home policy was implemented in our company back in 2009. During this period, we used various ways to facilitate internal company communication - SIP phones, Jabber/XMPP server, local emai... Thu, 23 Apr 2020 04:00:00 GMT Cheaper .EU domains for a limited time We are running a special promotion for new .EU domain registrations. Until the end of this month (April, 2020), all new .EU domains cost 1 EUR for the first year of registration. Combined with our hosting sale, this makes .EU a great choice for anyone looking to start a new online project (and eligible to register a .EU domain). You can find more information about the specifics of the .EU top-l... Thu, 02 Apr 2020 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft starts a new promotion to help businesses move online We have initiated a new promotion on web hosting services. Considering the importance of web hosting for the entire business world now, we decided to lower the initial price for all new hosting accounts. We hope that this will ease up the transition of many businesses from brick-and-mortar stores and services to ecommerce solutions. At ICDSoft we don’t place restrictions on the use of dis... Mon, 30 Mar 2020 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft's response to the COVID-19 pandemic At ICDSoft, we have a high level of preparedness for such events. Our company has been employing a Work From Home policy since 2009. Many team members are spread around the world and have been working completely remotely for years now. Since the beginning of March, all team members have been working from the comfort of their homes. In case of a full lockdown, we have a remote location whi... Wed, 11 Mar 2020 04:00:00 GMT .CLUB domain registrations and transfers now available As of today, .CLUB domains are available for registration and transfer through ICDSoft. Anyone is free to register a .CLUB domain name, and a lot of people already use it for various websites covering a wide array of topics and interests. How much for a .CLUB domain? We sell .CLUB domain names at wholesale prices. This is valid for all domain name registrations offered by ICDSoft. Take a... Wed, 26 Feb 2020 05:00:00 GMT .UK and .CO.UK domain transfers now available Along with new registrations for .uk and domains, we now support transferring of already registered .uk/ domains to us. To transfer a .uk/ domain name to ICDSoft, you should submit a domain transfer order with us and change the domain's IPS TAG to ENOM (all caps) with the current registrar. Upon a successful domain transfer, the domain registration will be renewed for... Tue, 28 Jan 2020 05:00:00 GMT Upgraded resources and a new base price for the Economy plan in the US The Economy hosting plan in the US data center, which is one of our most popular solutions, has received a significant resource upgrade. The new and improved plan specifications are already in place, and customers on this plan can now take advantage of the new resources. The resource upgrade also brings a small bump in the base price for this plan. What exactly is changing? We would like to... Wed, 15 Jan 2020 05:00:00 GMT ICDSoft featured at We were approached by for an interview regarding our hosting services. You can read the full interview at: ICDSoft’s New SmartVPS – Dedicated CPU and RAM, Unlimited Sites, and More!   Fri, 20 Dec 2019 05:00:00 GMT Special price for 10-year .EU domain registrations For the second time this year, EURid, the global registry for .EU domains, is running a special promotion and we at ICDSoft are participating in it. During the promotion window, 10-year registrations of new .EU domains will cost only 10 EUR. In accordance with our fair pricing policy for domain registrations, we are passing the 10 EUR price promotion directly to all new registrants. A .EU do... Tue, 10 Dec 2019 05:00:00 GMT .UK and .CO.UK domain registrations now available We are glad to announce that .UK and .CO.UK domains are now available for registration through ICDSoft. .CO.UK domains are recognized globally as the top-level domain name of choice for businesses in the United Kingdom. Anyone can register a .CO.UK domain name, so if you are working on a project with a target audience in the United Kingdom, you can now order the domain name through ICDSoft at a... Fri, 29 Nov 2019 05:00:00 GMT A new feature for the ICDSoft online stores: Hosted storefront We are happy to introduce the latest enhancement for our online stores - the Hosted storefront. The ICDSoft online stores feature allows our partners to easily create and manage their own online store where they can sell hosting services at their own prices using their own brand. With the introduction of the Hosted storefront, you no longer need a website or hosting as we host and provide the e... Wed, 27 Nov 2019 05:00:00 GMT Reduced Additional Traffic Prices We are happy to announce a reduction of the additional traffic price for all our hosting plans and in all our datacenters.     The new price for additional traffic is $0.10 / GB.   After we were able to re-negotiate most of our upstream provider contracts, back in July we significantly increased the traffic limit for all hosting plans. With the current traffic allotme... Wed, 13 Nov 2019 05:00:00 GMT ICDSoft reviewed on The folks at - a popular site that specializes in reviewing web hosting companies - reached out and asked us whether we'd be interested in spreading the word about ICDSoft's services. They did not look for any kind of payment as this would make for a biased review. Something unacceptable for either team. And, when someone offers to write an honest review about our services... Thu, 07 Nov 2019 18:28:27 GMT ICDSoft is one of the sponsors at WordCamp Sofia 2019 Nowadays, WordPress is without a doubt the most popular Content Management System (CMS). It powers over 30% of all websites on the Internet (and 14% of the top 100 websites). Here at ICDSoft we have always done our best to help our users jump on the WordPress wagon and enjoy their stay there. We had a one-click WordPress installer even before WordPress' popularity skyrocketed. More recently... Wed, 06 Nov 2019 20:41:03 GMT SmartVPS plans now available in all data centers We've got some really good news! As of today, the SmartVPS plan is available in our European data center. This makes the SmartVPS solution available in all data centers and completes the release cycle of our most versatile product. The SmartVPS platform allows you to host multiple projects, to create custom packages tailored to your development needs, to deploy Node.js and other runtime enviro... Wed, 02 Oct 2019 04:00:00 GMT SmartVPS plans now available in Hong Kong We are happy to inform you that our new VPS platform is now available in the Hong Kong data center. At launch it was available only in the US data center, but we worked really hard to bring it to Hong Kong as soon as possible. People and businesses based in the Asia-Pacific region and/or targeting visitors from there can now get a feature-rich, multifunctional solution that allows them to host... Fri, 27 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMT More disk space and CPU minutes for WebApps plans We are happy to announce yet another feature improvement for our WebApps plans. The disk space and CPU allocation for the two plans has been significantly increased: - The WebApps plan now gets 30 GB of disk space and 720 CPU minutes/day. - The WebApps Pro plan now gets 60 GB of disk space and 1440 CPU minutes/day. There are no surprises in terms of cost - these resource upgrades do not aff... Wed, 25 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft introduces multi-purpose VPS services tailored for web developers, agencies, and resellers In recent years, the web hosting market has shifted towards web agencies, design firms, and developers and webmasters who manage multiple websites for their customers and partners. To meet the growing needs of this market segment, ICDSoft has developed a brand-new hosting platform called SmartVPS. No matter whether you are a web developer, a design agency, or a hosting reseller, the SmartVPS pl... Tue, 10 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMT Price reduction and more memory for WebApps plans As of today, the WebApps plans get a significant reduction in price. In the US and EU data centers, the base price for the WebApps plan is now $20 USD/month, and the base price for the WebApps Pro plan is now $60 USD/month. In the HK data center, the base prices are $40 USD/month for the WebApps plan, and $120 USD/month for the WebApps Pro plan. Our volume discount policy applies to WebApps plans... Tue, 16 Jul 2019 04:00:00 GMT Monthly traffic upgrade for US and EU plans We are happy to announce that all hosting accounts in the EU and US data centers now get much higher data transfer (monthly traffic) allocation. Most plans get 5 times more traffic. The only exception is the Economy plan in the US data center which gets 25 times more traffic! This significant upgrade was made possible thanks to new contracts with the two data centers, giving us much better pric... Tue, 16 Jul 2019 04:00:00 GMT Web Apps features added to all VPS plans We are happy to inform you that we have added the Web Apps hosting features to our VPS plans. Previously, these features were available only on the Node.js hosting plans. Now, all VPS hosting plans also have a Web Apps section in the hosting Control Panel and can utilize the Web Apps technology. The Web Apps platform allows you to deploy and run Node.js projects, as well as custom runtime envir... Tue, 25 Jun 2019 04:00:00 GMT Official WordPress plugin for online stores We are proud to announce that we have released an official WordPress plugin called "ICDSoft Reseller Store". As the name suggests, the plugin is aimed at our current and future reseller partners, allowing them to quickly and easily add pages for (re)selling hosting services on their WordPress-based websites. To use the "ICDSoft Reseller Store" plugin, you need to be a regist... Fri, 21 Jun 2019 04:00:00 GMT A dark theme for the hosting Control Panel is now available We have a new, dark theme for our online Control Panel. The new theme is called simply Dark. Users can switch to the new theme via the Theme drop-down menu in the Control Panel. Our designers have also optimized the icons on the Control Panel's main screen for Retina displays. The icon optimizations affect the Modern and Dark themes. Thu, 20 Jun 2019 04:00:00 GMT New design for the hosting Control Panel We are happy to announce that we have redesigned our hosting Control Panel. It now has a new and improved design that is better-suited to utilize the displays of modern computers. There are two themes currently available - Classic and Modern. The Classic theme resembles the previous design of the Control Panel, whereas the Modern theme features a modern flat interface. ICDSoft customers can swi... Wed, 29 May 2019 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft featured on Our company has been featured in a blog post on the website. Their mission is to inform and educate people about web hosting, so when they offered to write an article about ICDSoft, we gladly accepted. ICDSoft is a truly unique hosting company in so many ways, and we hope this blog post will help spread the word about our company values and business philosophy. Follow the link... Wed, 15 May 2019 04:00:00 GMT Special price for 10-year .EU domain registrations To celebrate Europe Day, EURid, the global registry for .EU domains, is running a special promotion. For a limited time, they offer 10-year registrations of new .EU domains for only 10 EUR. ICDSoft is an EURid-accredited registrar, and we have decided to pass the 10 EUR price promotion directly to our customers. A .EU domain name is more likely to be available than a .COM one, giving you a bett... Fri, 03 May 2019 04:00:00 GMT Cheaper standalone domains As of today, we have a new pricing policy for standalone domain registrations, making them cheaper for our current and future clients. We now sell domains without a hosting account (standalone domains) at the absolutely minimum price we can without being at a loss. The new price for standalone domain registrations is formed by combining the fee we pay to our registrar with the payment transaction... Thu, 25 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT .CA domains now available We are pleased to announce that .CA domains are now available for registration. .CA domains are a great choice for any Canadian business, organization, or individual, instantly showing their origin. In addition, .CA domains are a great choice for Canadian businesses because they are more likely to be available than a comparable .COM domain, giving you an advantage when promoting your Canadian-base... Wed, 24 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Standalone domain purchases now available Following customer demand, standalone domain name registrations can now be purchased at Anyone can now register a domain name without a hosting account at a very low price. Together with the new purchase, the customer will also get a free Account Panel, allowing them to manage the purchased service, order new services from us, and take part in our partner programs (the Reseller and Af... Wed, 24 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Lower base prices for managed VPS plans in Hong Kong We are happy to announce that we have significantly reduced the prices of our VPS plans at the iAdvantage data center in Hong Kong. The price reduction was made possible thanks to our continued effort to optimize our hardware and network infrastructure, as well as to always offer our clients a high quality service at a great price. The prices of our managed VPS plans in Hong Kong are now the... Mon, 22 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT 50% discount on new hosting accounts for Easter To celebrate Easter, we have started a new special promotion on - all new hosting plans now come with a 50% discount for the first billing period. This includes the first year of service for shared hosting plans, and the first month of service for WebApps and Managed VPS plans. The promotion will be valid until May 1, 2019, so if you are looking for quality hosting services at a gre... Tue, 16 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT WordPress section added to the Control Panel WordPress is arguably the most popular content management system (CMS) available today. It allows you to build almost any kind of site, which you can further extend and customize by using various themes and plugins. Recognizing WordPress as a great and widely used piece of software, we realize that offering WordPress-related tools will help our customers a lot. For this reason, our hosting Cont... Mon, 15 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT New website is live We have been working on our new website for some time, and we are happy to announce that it is now live. The new website has clean and modern looks; the main focus of the new design is usability, as well as easy navigation on all types of devices - desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. With our new corporate website we aim to better present our features and services, to show our val... Tue, 09 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT "Refer a Friend" section added to the Control Panel A "Refer a Friend" feature is now available in the ICDSoft hosting Control Panel. You can now invite your friends and family to open a hosting account with us – and get commissions from this. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer, so spread the word about the quality of our services. Your friends, colleagues, or family members must click on your unique ref... Mon, 08 Apr 2019 04:00:00 GMT Control Panel subusers feature added to the Economy plan The Control Panel Subusers feature is now available for accounts on the Economy plan in all data centers. This feature allows our clients to create and manage additional users for the hosting Control Panel. Access for each Control Panel subuser can be limited only to certain sections of the Control Panel. All ICDSoft customers can use this feature via their hosting Control Panel > Control Pa... Wed, 06 Mar 2019 05:00:00 GMT Live chat assistance now available We are happy to introduce a new channel for communication and assistance - our live chat. Our operators will gladly assist you with any questions you may have regarding our services, as well as help you choose the best hosting plan for your needs. Although the live chat is mainly for pre-sales questions, our chat operators can also help existing customers with some general hosting-related issue... Tue, 08 Jan 2019 05:00:00 GMT The ICDSoft blog is now live We are excited to announce the addition of a new item to our collection of helpful online resources - the ICDSoft blog. Our team has gathered a lot of experience through the years, and we decided it's high time we shared some of it in a blog format. We are working hard to constantly write new and original content, so make sure you stop by our blog from time to time to see what we've got fo... Tue, 08 Jan 2019 05:00:00 GMT 50% discount on new hosting services for Christmas and New Year To celebrate the Christmas and New Year festive season, we start another promotion on - all new hosting plans are with 50% discount for their first billing period. This includes the first year of service for shared hosting plans and the first month of service for WebApps and Managed-VPS plans. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from ICDSoft! Sat, 22 Dec 2018 05:00:00 GMT WebApps servers now available in all datacenters We would like to announce that the WebApps platform and its related hosting plans are now available in our Hong Kong and European datacenters as well. Thus, customers can choose any of our server locations to host their Node.js or custom applications. WebApps is a development-type platform that allows you to run custom environments. Unlike our shared hosting servers, it allows customers to conf... Wed, 12 Dec 2018 05:00:00 GMT Free disk space upgrade for First Class accounts in US and Europe Following recent hardware upgrades on our managed VPS platform, we are now able to offer larger disk space on First Class servers at the same price. As of today, the disk space of First Class accounts in our US and European datacenters is upgraded from 100 GB to 200 GB. This doubled disk space comes at no additional cost for our customers, as the price of the plan is not modified in any way. Al... Thu, 29 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Free Site Migration service Moving a site from one hosting provider to another could be a challenging task. Sometimes, the completion of this task could even be a stopper to move your site to a hosting service with higher quality. Besides the uptime and the stability of the hosting service, offering proper assistance to customers has always been our top priority. In this regard, to better assist customers with the chal... Fri, 16 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT New hosting at ICDSoft is now with 75% discount We are starting a promotion on our website. New hosting accounts, on all plans in all datacenters, are now at just 25% of their basic listed price. To line up this promotion with existing customers and resellers, they can also get new hosting services at a quarter of their discounted price - the volume discounts for resellers are combined with the new 75% discount. For example, resellers with s... Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT New hosting plans In our company history, we have always had one great asset - loyal customers and resellers, leading to an exceptionally high renewal rate. However, sometimes a customer may leave our service, or a reseller may decide to host their end-user elsewhere, simply because the site in question is not suitable for any of our hosting plans and servers.     With the thought in mind to meet the ne... Thu, 08 Nov 2018 05:00:00 GMT Free hosting for educational institutions Education is among the top priorities of modern mankind. Understanding the need everyone contribute to this objective in any possible way, we have decided that educational institutions will no longer pay for hosting services on our servers. Instead, they can simply use our Hosting Plan for Educational Institutions. Starting today, any school, college, or university that provides formal educatio... Thu, 20 Sep 2018 04:00:00 GMT Privacy policy and GDPR In the whole history of ICDSoft, we have always considered that treating customers with respect is something very important. This includes keeping the privacy of our customers at a highest level, and not using their personal data for anything else than for the provision of the services they pay for. As of today, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union comes into... Fri, 25 May 2018 04:00:00 GMT More RAM for First Class and Ultimate managed-VPS plans We are well aware that with time, web sites grow popular and web software becomes more sophisticated. This requires regular updates of the hosting platform, and more hardware resources for the hosting service. Keeping pace in this competition is an important task for us. During the past weekend, our system administrators completed hardware upgrades on all our VPS nodes. These upgrades made it p... Mon, 22 Jan 2018 05:00:00 GMT Disk space upgrade for First Class customers in Hong Kong As of today, we are doubling the available disk space for First Class accounts in our Hong Kong datacenter. Instead of 100 GB space, customers on First Class servers now have 200 GB SSD space at their disposal, at no additional charge. All current accounts are already updated with the new disk space quota. First Class managed-VPS plans are designed to support heavily-visited sites, online softw... Mon, 26 Jun 2017 04:00:00 GMT First Class VPS plan updates Our First Class plan has been introduced several years ago with the main purpose to meet the requirements of sites that have outgrown our shared hosting environment but their owners prefer not to switch hosting services. We are constantly working on improving the specifications of the plan and the VPS servers. In this regard, as of today all new and existing First Class accounts have 6 GB of RA... Mon, 22 Aug 2016 04:00:00 GMT First Class servers in Europe The First Class Managed VPS plan is now available on servers in Europe. With two cores of Xeon [email protected], 4GB RAM, and 100GB storage on solid-state disks in RAID6 array, the First Class Managed VPS plan provides excellent performance for resource-demanding sites. With the new First Class servers at the Neterra datacenter in Sofia, our customers have more flexibility when selecting a locat... Fri, 17 Apr 2015 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft affiliate program is to be discontinued 2019 Update  In 2019, ICDSoft re-launched its affiliate program. The new program includes features such as: - Weekly Payments - Recurring payments upon account renewals  - No Minimum Payout - Custom Affiliate Promo Codes - Free Sign up You can find all the information about our new affiliate program at Below you can fin... Thu, 23 Aug 2012 04:00:00 GMT Upgrade of Business plan accounts Today we doubled the space and traffic resources of all Business plan accounts on our servers. The Business plan now features: Disk space: 100GB (50GB until now) Monthly traffic: 1000GB (500GB until now) The plan price and volume discounts remain the same. With this upgrade, we want to give our customers more room to develop and expand their websites and online presence. This plan... Tue, 10 Apr 2012 04:00:00 GMT SSL certificates As of today, we are extending the range of services we offer, and we now provide domain validation SSL certificates as well. Our customers can choose between GeoTrust and Comodo as a certificate issuer. We hope that providing SSL certificates will make site/account administration easier for our customers, being able to use more services for their sites at a single provider. Mon, 16 Jan 2012 05:00:00 GMT New Control Panel officially released Today our new hosting Control Panel (v.2) has been officially released. It was in "beta" status for the past three months, allowing customers willing to act as beta-testers to get to know it, test it extensively, and supply feedback. The v.2 version of our hosting Control Panel comes with new design, better usability options, as well as new features. Our Software team will continue worki... Tue, 01 Mar 2011 05:00:00 GMT 100,000 domains hosted on our servers Being too busy in our work, we did not notice that back on May 15th, the domains hosted on our servers reached 100,000. We are proud to announce this now, as such a number of hosted domains is a milestone in the history of every hosting company. We thank to all our customers and resellers who trusted their sites and businesses to us. We do not have a sales department, and we never needed one... Tue, 25 May 2010 04:00:00 GMT Free online site builder for all our customers In the last months, our Software Team was working on the development of an online site building tool. Following many customer requests and our policy to offer mostly in-house developed software, the members of our Software Team spent their time to perform a proper research and to have the tool developed in a way, in which we believe it would be of use for most customers. As a result, our online... Tue, 20 Apr 2010 04:00:00 GMT Yet another plan upgrade Earlier this week, we increased the resources of our Business plan for customers on US-based servers. The new disk space quota is 50GB (upgraded from 10GB), and the new monthly traffic is 500GB (upgraded from 200GB). All existing accounts were upgraded automatically at no additional cost. We believe that this upgrade will give to our Business customers more options for the development of their sit... Wed, 25 Nov 2009 05:00:00 GMT 95,000 domains hosted Today the number of domains hosted on our servers reached 95,000. In these days "crisis" is a common word in many countries. It has actually become a part of the daily life for many people in companies. The countries hit most by the world economy crisis are the countries from which most of our customers come from. Given that, one should expect that the crisis would have a major impact... Wed, 25 Feb 2009 05:00:00 GMT 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee The Full 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee for our hosting services is now a fact. We have decided to increase the period from 60 to 100 days, so that our customers have even more time to test our service. The decision about this came quite easy as it was supported by three main points: There are customers who do not start building their sites right after purchasing a hosting account. Some of... Thu, 22 Jan 2009 05:00:00 GMT cPanel importer launched We are glad to announce that we have introduced a new tool that allows our customers to transfer their sites from cPanel-enabled hosts. All you have to do is backup your site at the old host using cPanel, and then import the backup file to your account with us using the cPanel Importer tool in the Migration section of your control panel. It is that easy to transfer your site! Tue, 25 Nov 2008 05:00:00 GMT Gallery software released We have launched a new Gallery script to help our customers, who wish to share pictures online. The Gallery script can be installed easily through the Scripts section in the online Control Panel. It is developed entirely by our programmers, which ensures maximum security and compatibility with our system. As always, if you have any questions about installing the Gallery script, do not hesitate to... Thu, 13 Nov 2008 05:00:00 GMT Long-time customers rewarded with a free hosting account Throughout the years, we have always aimed at providing the best possible service to our existing customers. Continuing this trend, we rewarded our most loyal customers with a free account for one year. We gave away a free hosting coupon for each account hosted on our servers for more than six years. Wed, 06 Aug 2008 04:00:00 GMT ICDSoft in Germany After firmly establishing our presence in USA and Hong Kong, we have decided to expand our reach by establishing - a localized version of ICDSoft in German. Along with the new website, we have also introduced a new data center in Frankfurt, Germany. The new data center is equipped with our newest servers: 2x Quad-core Xeon processors, 8 GB RAM and RAID 6 disk arrays, and i... Wed, 04 Jun 2008 04:00:00 GMT 90 000 domains hosted on our servers Today the number of domains hosted on our servers reached 90 000. We truly appreciate the trust of all our customers, and will continue to provide services of a highest level. Fri, 30 May 2008 04:00:00 GMT Business plan resources increased We are happy to announce that we increased the resources available to our Business plan. The new Business accounts feature five times more resources: 10GB disk space and 200GB monthly traffic. The upgrade was possible due to the greatly improved server hardware and software that we integrated into our hosting infrastructure. The increased resources will be available to our customers at no addition... Wed, 09 Apr 2008 04:00:00 GMT 85 000 domains hosted The domains hosted on our servers reached 85 000 today. We would just like to thank our customers for the continued support. We believe that our steady growth is a clear indication of the quality of the services that we offer. Wed, 05 Sep 2007 04:00:00 GMT 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee As a token of the quality of our services, we have extended our Money-Back Guarantee to 60 days. Our customers now have 60 days during which they can test our service. Tue, 27 Feb 2007 05:00:00 GMT 80 000 domains hosted The active hosting accounts on our servers have reached 80 000. As always, the steady increase of our customers is accompanied by a gradual increase of the resources we offer with our plans, as well as by new features being developed. We have recently incorporated PHP 5 and MySQL 5 into our services, as well as developed a DNS Manager that allows for easy management of custom DNS records. The cont... Tue, 21 Nov 2006 05:00:00 GMT MySQL 5 installed on all servers After extensive compatibility testing, we have incorporated MySQL 5 into our services. Customers can now use both MySQL 4 and MySQL 5 databases. We have also implemented a Convert tool, that offers a easy way to migrate customer databases from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5. Thu, 28 Sep 2006 04:00:00 GMT Hosting plans upgraded We have upgraded our hosting plans as follows: Universal: 1GB webspace / 20GB monthly traffic Business: 2GB webspace / 40GB monthly traffic This upgrade has been made without passing any costs to our customers, and all existing accounts will automatically have the new resources available. This substantial increase will allow our customers to expand more effectively, paving the way for... Mon, 31 Jul 2006 04:00:00 GMT 75 000 domains hosted on our servers We are proud to announce that the domains hosted by ICDSoft are already over 75 000. The constant increase of this number clearly shows the level of service that we are providing. Fri, 02 Jun 2006 04:00:00 GMT New hosting plan introduced Based on feedback from our clients, and in order to provide the best possible service, we are pleased to announce that we are introducing a new Universal plan, designed to best fit the needs of our customers. Additionally, we are upgrading the resources allocated to Business plan accounts, and we are now offering new discounts of up to 50%. All Personal plan accounts have been automatically upg... Wed, 22 Mar 2006 05:00:00 GMT 70 000 domains hosted The number of domains hosted with us reached 70 000 today. We thank all our customers for the continued support, allowing us to excel at the services we provide. Wed, 15 Feb 2006 05:00:00 GMT Lower hosting prices for our loyal customers Our existing customers and resellers can now order new hosting accounts at lower prices. The discount for a second, third, etc account is now 50% (vs. 20 USD till now). There are also new additional discounts for resellers, the total discount can reach 70% off our basic hosting prices. Mon, 19 Dec 2005 05:00:00 GMT 60 000 and growing Today the number of hosting accounts on our servers reached another milestone. More than 60 000 sites are now hosted on our servers. Tue, 04 Oct 2005 04:00:00 GMT 50% more webspace, 40% more bandwidth and more! Today we have added more power to our web hosting plans. All features have been upgraded at no additional cost to you: web space, monthly transfer, databases, ftp users, subdomains, and parked domains. You get more for the same price. Yes, that's right! For $5/mo(Personal plan) and $10/mo(Business plan) you have more web space, traffic and resources for your web site. All Personal Hostin... Mon, 18 Apr 2005 04:00:00 GMT 55 000 hosting accounts on our servers The active hosting accounts on our servers are now more than 55 000. We are very happy that all our efforts to provide services of superior quality are resulting in more and more loyal customers. Fri, 18 Mar 2005 05:00:00 GMT The earthquake in Southeastern Asia With the world shocked by the devastation caused by the earthquake in Southeast Asia, we would like to express our deepest condolences to those affected. As a token of our sympathy, we decided to give one year of hosting service to all our current customers from the following countries: India, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Although we realize that our actions will not help reliev... Wed, 12 Jan 2005 05:00:00 GMT New Webmail launched The new Webmail is finally available to all our customers. Starting today, it is no longer a beta release and is our new official web-based e-mail interface. The new Webmail offers improved functionality and appearance. Tue, 21 Dec 2004 05:00:00 GMT 50 000 sites hosted Today the number of sites hosted within our networks exceeded 50 000. The steady growth of the number of our customers is a clear indication of the quality of our services. Mon, 25 Oct 2004 04:00:00 GMT Enhanced spam protection on our servers After an extensive period of research and testing, we are glad to announce that we have implemented a new anti-spam system on all our mail servers. The new system utilizes a database containing mail servers and networks that are known sources of spam. Mail from these servers is filtered on our side. The database that we use is extremely precise and is updated real-time. Tue, 07 Sep 2004 04:00:00 GMT 45 000 active hosting accounts reached We are proud to announce that there are now 45 000 sites hosted within the ICDSoft network. We will continue to provide you with the great pricing and top quality service that you have come to expect and look forward to the ICDSoft family growing ever larger. Thu, 03 Jun 2004 04:00:00 GMT New plan launched Since our main goal has always been to meet the needs of our customers, we are happy to announce the implementation of our new Business hosting plan. The Business plan, which includes 999MB of web space and 15GB/mo bandwidth for only $10/mo, is designed to meet the requirements of almost any busy, content-heavy site. It is upgradeable in multiples, thus becoming the perfect solution for sites w... Tue, 01 Jun 2004 04:00:00 GMT 40 000 active accounts Today ICDSoft welcomed aboard its 40 000th active account! The steadily rising number of customers confirms our belief that what customers want from a Web host is great pricing and great service. It is our pleasure to provide you with these. Sat, 14 Feb 2004 05:00:00 GMT 35 000 active accounts ICDSoft is proud to announce that today the number of its active webhosting accounts reached 35 000. Working for the benefit of our customers is our number one priority. That's why we are currently developing future improvements such as new Control Panel and Webmail, and preparing the integration of MySQL 4 into our system. Mon, 17 Nov 2003 05:00:00 GMT New servers in Boston Our new Compaq ProLiant 350 servers, located in the Data Center in Boston, are equipped with Xeon 2.8GHz CPU's, 2GB DDR RAM and UltraSCSI Hard Drives. They will provide even more reliable and secure service to our customers. Mon, 29 Sep 2003 04:00:00 GMT Extended money back guarantee For the benefit of our customers we have extended the money back guarantee to 30 days. Thu, 22 May 2003 04:00:00 GMT Lower price for .biz and .info domain names We are pleased to announce that .biz and .info domain names can now be registered with our hosting package at $5/YEAR. Check it out! Fri, 07 Feb 2003 05:00:00 GMT The new and improved ICDSoft site has been launched The new site loads even faster and is best viewed with Internet Explorer 4-6, Netscape Navigator 4, Netscape 6-7, Opera 5-7 and Mozilla 0.98-1.2 browsers. We value our clients' views regarding our site and all suggestions and opinions are welcome to [email protected]. Mon, 23 Dec 2002 05:00:00 GMT Domain Names .biz .info and .us are here Our sales department is pleased to include .biz .info domain registration with our hosting package at $15/YEAR. For .us domain, the price is as low as $5/year! Check it out! Sun, 03 Nov 2002 05:00:00 GMT Our software department launched a new WebMail for the needs of our customers In our efforts to provide best quality of service to our clients, we have developed a new, cutting-edge WebMail application. With its user-friendly interface, functionality, multilanguage capabilities and IMAP support our WebMail offers easy access to your e-mail messages at any place and any time. You do not have to install anything in order to use the WebMail: just type /webmail/ after your doma... Tue, 29 Oct 2002 05:00:00 GMT New ICDSoft site We have launched the new ICDSoft site, which provides even more information and has a brand new look. Fri, 19 Jul 2002 04:00:00 GMT Our New Servers Our new ultrafast servers are equipped with P4 2GHz CPU's, 1GB DDR and SCSI Hard Drives. Thu, 18 Jul 2002 04:00:00 GMT