.CO.UK Domain Names

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.CO.UK domains are recognized across the United Kingdom and the world as the domain name of choice for businesses in the UK. According to Nominet, the company managing the .UK top-level domain, there are over 13 million .UK domain registrations.


Yes. .CO.UK domain registrations are not restricted to UK companies only. In fact, anyone can register a .CO.UK domain name.

Contact information on .CO.UK domain names is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union and is not publicly available.

However, the supplied contact information must be accurate. You may be required to validate the contact information you have provided during the registration process. If validation fails or is not completed, your domain name will be suspended.

Yes, you can change the WHOIS contact information of your .CO.UK domain name.

However, there are several attributes of a .CO.UK domain name that cannot be changed from our end once the domain is registered:

  • Legal type of registrant
  • Registrant name
  • Company identification number

If you want to change any of these attributes of your domain name after its registration, you would have to contact Nominet directly about this. There may be additional costs involved.

Yes, you can register your .CO.UK domain name and use the registrar's name servers to set up custom DNS records or simply redirect your domain to another URL address. If you have a hosting account with us and your domain name points to our name servers, you can also manage its DNS records through the DNS Manager section of your hosting Control Panel.

The minimum registration period is 1 year, and the maximum registration period is 10 years.

The .CO.UK domain name is registered as soon as we receive your payment. This usually happens almost instantly.


To avoid any downtime for all domain-related services, we encourage you to renew your domain name before its expiration date.

After your .CO.UK domain name expires, it will be active for 30 days. You can renew it during that time. If you do not do that, the domain name will be deleted from the registry 90 days after its expiration date.


Yes, you can. To transfer a .CO.UK domain name, you should submit a domain transfer order with us and ask your current registrar to change the IPS TAG to ENOM (all caps).

When a transfer is completed, the domain registration will be renewed for a year.

Yes, you can do that. Please contact our support team for assistance with the transfer.