Have you ever been hacked?

We clean and protect hacked websites for $99.00 USD/year

Unlimited Cleanups per Site

Express Blacklist Removal

Website Security Audit

Full Incident Review and Follow-up Report

Additional Website Protection

"I have been using ICD Soft's domain hosting services for the past 14 years. The quality of service and support provided has always been excellent. We have never experienced any problems that they did not resolve on a timely basis and their assistance has always been spot on. My philosophy is "if something works, don't change it. Thank you guys."

David Jaggernauth, IT Officer/ Business Analyst.
SECU Credit Union Cooperative Society Ltd.

Advanced Security Features

Scanning and Monitoring

Daily Malware Scans We will perform daily malware checks on all files of your account. We use commercial and internally built malware definitions, tuned to the web hosting environment.
File Change Detection Every file change on your account is monitored and inspected for malware.

Security and Protection

Site Security Audit With the purchase of this service, a security expert from our company will perform a full site security audit.
Site Software Updates If we find outdated software, which can be updated without breaking the site functionality during our security audit, we will update it for you.

Malware Removal

Hack Cleanup & Malware Removal If your site gets compromised, we will clean it and restore it to a working state.
Blacklist Removal If your website gets listed, we will request its removal from all blacklists. Keep in mind that if the site was listed, it was most probably because there was some malware on it, and a cleanup will be required.
Quarantined Backups Before proceeding with every cleanup, we create a quarantined backup, which can be used for further investigation and reporting.
Post-Cleanup Report We will provide you with a full investigation report.
Root Cause Investigation We investigate the logs of your account to find the entry point for the attack, so that the site can be secured against similar attacks in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we offer a 100-day full money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund only in the following cases:

      1. If you haven’t submitted any requests for Site Cleanup.
      2. If we were unable to clean the website after a Site Cleanup request.

This service covers a single website. The definition of a website can vary but, in general, a website is:

      1. A piece of software located in a single directory tree.
      2. A piece of software that uses a single database with a single database prefix.
      3. In the case of a dynamic website, the website is controlled through a single interface.

Since WordPress multisite installations share the same files and are hosted on a single account, we treat this as a single website.

No, once attached to a hosting account, the service cannot be transferred to another account. You would need to purchase the service for the other account separately.

You should purchase the advanced security service separately for each website that you want to utilize it.

The same rules apply - if it is a separate website, you need to pay separately for each website cleanup. Contact us first, however, as if it is a development site, we may be able to copy over the cleaned website, in which case we won't charge you additionally.

Yes, the Site Cleanup is a subscription service. It is paid on an annual basis. It is activated from the moment you pay for it for one year. If the service extends past the hosting subscription and you decide not to renew your hosting account associated with the service, the remaining months are considered void.

Site Cleanup

We will clean your website after an infection if you have an active subscription. We do not have a limit on the number of cleanups per site. However, after each cleanup, we will give you a list of things to do in order to improve the security of your website. Once a website is hacked, it becomes a frequent target for attackers, as they know it is an easy target, and additional security precautions must be taken to secure the website. If you don't complete the needed security measures, and the site gets hacked again, in addition to delaying our initial response, we may refuse to provide further cleanups until you comply with our security recommendations.

All site cleanups are performed manually by an experienced security expert. We use automated tools for cleanups, but we don't rely entirely on them. That's why a full cleanup of a website may take up to 12 hours. The usual turnaround time is 3 hours, though. In addition to that, after each incident, we issue a full log of our actions, and a full report, along with security advice, which may take additional 12 hours to be prepared.

We do not offer one-off payments. Our market research has shown that most one-time cleanups usually cost more than our price and they provide less protection. Instead of simply cleaning the website and leaving the customer out in the open again, we have decided to include additional security and monitoring features during the active subscription period.

Yes, if your website is already infected, we will clean it. In fact, we will also transfer it for free from your previous hosting provider.

You just need to notify us by submitting a ticket or via email. If you don't have an active subscription, we will provide you with a link to activate it, and we will start working on your case right away.

ICDSoft has had an Abuse Team/Incident Response Team since its beginning. For the past 20 years, we have seen a lot of hacked websites, and our experience shows that automatic tools are not always suitable for this task. They help, and we use them, but a manual review of the website is irreplaceable.

Yes. The first thing we do when we receive a Site Cleanup request is to create a so-called "quarantined backup". This backup is useful for our investigation, for your reference, and sometimes, to the relevant authorities, if you bring the case up for official investigation.

Yes, after any changes we make, we perform tests on the website to ensure we haven't broken some core functionality. This is a very rare occurrence, and although we are very cautious and take a lot of precautions, sometimes the infection is so deeply rooted in the site files that cleaning it up without affecting some core functionality inadvertently is not possible. If you detect any issue with your website after a cleanup, contact us immediately.

Security and Protection

After subscribing to this service, we will perform a full security audit of the website. We will provide you with a report of any website issues we find, along with possible solutions. If we are able to implement some of the solutions without affecting the site, we will do so and provide you with more information in an email report.

After subscribing to this service, a member of our Incident Response Team will be assigned to your account. He/she will perform a full security audit of the website and the account. A report with the taken and recommended actions will be provided afterwards.

Site updates and management are not part of this service. However, for WordPress, the most popular site software on the Internet, we have standardized update and testing procedures, and we can perform updates, after getting confirmation from you.

If you comply with all the security recommendations we give you in the security audit of the website, we can guarantee that your website will be protected against all common and known security vulnerabilities. We are also constantly monitoring for zero-day exploits and new attack vectors, and we try to apply measures to prevent security incidents.