Become a Web Hosting Reseller


Our reseller program allows you to build your own hosting company from scratch, or continue growing your existing web business. Signing up is absolutely free!

Take advantage of volume discounts, manage your accounts using multiple tools at your disposal, automate your hosting business.


Many start-up web hosting resellers face a particular problem: They have found a reputable host with stable servers and a feature-rich control panel, and they have prepared a good business model. With one exception - they lack the resources or the expertise to provide technical support to their clients.

At ICDSoft we already have the solution for you - all your customers can use our high-quality support system for any technical questions they may have, at no additional cost for you or them. Feel free to test our support team, and see how quickly and how thoroughly they respond to any technical questions.


Resell our hosting services without any barriers. You will not have to pay any reseller setup fees (monthly or annual). To start reselling our services, you only need to have at least one hosting account with us. You can then get your second account with 40% discount, and the discount will increase with the number of your hosting accounts. If you reach 6 active hosting accounts, you will be able to open new accounts with 90% discount. Check the discounts table below for more information on the current volume discounts.


Sort your accounts by expiration date, domain name, or any other available attribute.

Order new accounts for your customers directly from the reseller interface.

If you are already reselling our services but you did not use the reseller interface, or if you simply wish to manage all your accounts under a single interface, you can claim accounts that you previously purchased from us.

Already have an account? Go to the login page


To simplify transactions between resellers and us, we offer the option for a payment from the account balance. All our larger resellers are using a feature that allows them to order services without submitting a payment each time. Instead, the amount of the purchased service is added as a credit/overdraft on their account. The reseller could cover the outstanding balance just once a month.

This service comes absolutely free and does not increase the cost for the reseller in any way - its purpose is simply to save the valuable time of our resellers and spare transaction costs.

Resellers that are not eligible to use an account overdraft can work in a similar manner, by simply topping up their account balance.


Do you want your customers to purchase hosting services from you directly on your website?

With the Online Stores feature of the reseller interface, you can set up your own website to accept orders for services from our catalog, labelled under your own brand. Your customers could pay for these services the desired price set by you, their orders will be recorded directly in the reseller interface and opened by us, if the reseller account has enough funds available. Thus the ordering process can be 100% automatic - your customers will receive their service immediately, 365/24/7, without an intervention required on your side.


We know what a good reseller program must include - stable servers and network, a bunch of hosting features so that end-customers can set up their websites easily, experienced support personnel to assist them, and the proper tools and interfaces for our resellers to manage customer accounts. Our resellers do not have to worry whether the hosting servers are running, or whether technical support is online, as these are tasks that we are taking care of. Thus our resellers have one task to concentrate on - to look for new customers. We believe this is the most important prerequisite for growing a successful reseller business.

Reseller discounts

Existing accountsRenewalNew account

In order to participate in our reseller program, you must agree to the Reseller Terms of Use.

Domain pricing list

For a full list of available TLDs and their prices, check our Domain Pricing List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

  1. Do I have to pay to become a reseller? Is it free?

    Joining our reseller program is absolutely free - there are no hidden registration fees. You sign up and start using volume discounts right after purchasing your first hosting account.

  2. Do I have to pay in advance for services I promote to potential customers?

    Our reseller program does not require payments in advance. You can order services after you have received a payment from your customer.

  3. Why should I become a reseller?

    The reseller program can be used for several purposes:

    a) you can easily manage all your hosting accounts from a single interface,
    b) you can take advantage of special volume discounts,
    c) you can resell our hosting services to make a significant profit.

    You get to run your own web hosting company without having to worry whether the hosting servers are running, or whether technical support is online, as these are tasks that we are taking care of. As a reseller you have one task to focus on - looking for new customers.

  4. Are there any requirements to becoming a reseller?

    There is no explicit requirement to be a reseller to use our reseller interface. You could actively resell our services to your customers, or you could just manage all your own hosting accounts from one place and take advantage of the volume discounts. In any case, it is not mandatory to be an actual reseller of our hosting services. All purchases made through the Reseller Account Panel are at wholesale prices, formed by applying your reseller volume discount on the base prices of ICDSoft.

  5. What are volume discounts? Why are they special?

    As a reseller, your discount increases with the number of active hosting accounts you have under your reseller account. You can purchase your second hosting account with 40% discount. If you reach 7 active hosting accounts, you will be able to open new accounts with 90% discount, and renew existing accounts with 50% discount. More information about our reseller discounts is available in the reseller discounts table above. This is a special offer that allows our customers and resellers to take advantage of an amazing pricing policy.

Reseller Account Panel

  1. I like your services and want to resell them. Where do I begin?

    After you sign up, you will be able to access your Reseller Account Panel at https://reseller.icdsoft.com. To set up your online store, you need to follow these general steps:

    a) Create an online store through the Online Stores section of the Reseller Account Panel.
    b) Create an account at one of the supported payment processors.
    c) Configure your online store - products, prices, payment processors.
    d) Download the online store widget, upload it to your site, and configure it.
    e) (optional) Set up a reseller balance to process orders automatically.
    f) Until you create an account at one of the supported online payment processors, you can use an offline payment method. It allows you to provide specific instructions to your customers as to how they must pay you. With this processor, your customers will see a page with instructions. You need to enter these instructions in the corresponding box. For example, you could provide instructions on how customers can send you money over a bank wire, or another offline payment method, such as a check, postal, or money order.

  2. What is Account Balance?

    Your Account Balance represents the current amount that is available for your reseller account as a credit or overdraft. Your credit is the amount of money deposited directly into the account, and your overdraft is the amount we allow you to spend in a month without paying immediately. You can find more information about using the Account Balance at https://reseller.icdsoft.com/Help#balance-general-information.

  3. What is Overdraft? Am I eligible?

    The overdraft is a feature that allows the reseller to order services without submitting a payment right away. Instead, the amount of the ordered services is accumulated, and the reseller can cover all purchased services for the month with a single payment (Monthly Bill). There is a minimum level - the overdraft would be enabled only if the calculated amount is over $100.00 USD.

    The overdraft amount is calculated according to a dynamic formula, based on the number of accounts/services in the Reseller Account Panel. The more active services you have in your Reseller account, and the longer they are prepaid for, the greater the amount of the allowed overdraft will be. More details can be found in the Help section of the Reseller Account Panel:


    We do not impose any kind of interest rates or additional taxes on using the overdraft.

  4. What is a hosting widget?

    The hosting widget allows you to embed widget pages on your own website. To use the widget, you just need to add the proper code snippet to your new or existing pages. You can view example code snippets by visiting the web address of the widget. When the setup is ready, you should disable the example widget page via the configuration file of the widget.

  5. What services can I sell with the reseller program?

    You can resell any of the services we offer in our product catalog - web hosting packages, domain names, SSL certificates, additional resources (dedicated IP addresses, traffic, slots for parked domains, databases, etc.).

Payments and Profit

  1. Are the retail prices predefined by you?

    You can set your own retail prices for any of the services in our catalog. We would recommend that you stay competitive and set retail prices that are close to those of the other web hosting providers.

  2. Which are the supported payment processors of the Online Stores system?

    a) For online payments: PayPal, 2Checkout, ePay.bg, Authorize.Net, Stripe, PayU.com, PayDollar, Skrill.
    b) For offline payments: Offline (generic), Bank transfer, Check, Cash payment, Western Union.

  3. Are orders processed automatically?

    The Online Stores system allows you to have your end customer orders processed automatically on our side. This way the hosting account can be opened, and the customer can receive the account details without any action required on your side. To achieve this, you must have:

    - an automatic payment method set for your store, such as 2Checkout or PayPal, for which our system receives a notification about the payments of your customers,
    - Order Auto Processing enabled for the specific store,
    - available balance in the Account Balance section of your Reseller Account Panel. You can have an available balance either through topping up the account balance, or through an overdraft for your account.

    All orders can be processed manually as well, no matter if there is any payment received/recorded for the particular order or not. If you do not have available funds in your account, or if Order Auto Processing is turned off for your store, then you will have to process all orders manually. This means that you will need to confirm the order and make a payment to ICDSoft to complete the purchase.

  4. What is my profit? When do I receive it?

    Your profit is the difference between the retail price that you set up and our wholesale price for the specific product. You can set different retail prices for each product that you wish to resell through your online hosting stores.

    When payments are processed through our system, they are directly deposited into the payment processor account of your choice. We receive a notification of the transaction, but no fees or commissions. This means that you receive the full order amount right away, and you submit your order to us afterwards. The process has the following steps:

    • Your end customer places the order on your website, through the site widget.
    • The order is recorded in the "Online Stores" -> "Orders" section.
    • The order is moved to the Shopping cart section of your Reseller Account Panel. This could be done manually by you, or automatically - if you have Order Auto Processing on and available balance in your reseller account.
    • You purchase the service from us, through the Shopping cart of your Reseller Account Panel, and the order is recorded on our servers. This step will also complete automatically if you have available balance and Order Auto Processing turned on.

Customer Support

  1. Can my customers use your technical support for free?

    All your customers can take full advantage of our professional technical support service absolutely free. They can seek assistance via the ticketing system, or via email at support@suresupport.com.

  2. Does your support team perform site migrations/transfers?

    Yes, we offer a free site migration service, and both you and your end customers can take advantage of it. You can learn more about the free site migration service at our Site migration FAQ and Site Migration terms sections.

Features and Services

  1. What kind of hosting do you offer? How many hosting plans do you have?

    We offer shared hosting, web apps (hosting for Node.js projects and other custom runtime environments), and managed VPS services.

    a) Shared hosting plans: Economy (US), Economy (EU), Business, and Business Plus.
    b) WebApps plans: WebApps and WebApps Pro.
    c) Managed VPS: First Class and Ultimate.

  2. Can you host any domain?

    We can host any domain name, regardless of its SLD or TLD. This includes internationalized domain names.

  3. Can you register/transfer any domain?

    The list of TLDs (top level domains) offered by ICDSoft and their pricing can be found at our Domain Pricing List.

  4. Do you offer SSL certificates?

    We offer free SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt and paid SSL certificates by GeoTrust and Sectigo. Details on our offerings can be found on our SSL Certificates page.

    Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates can be enabled directly through the Control Panel of each hosting account.

  5. Do you offer web design?

    No, this is not a service that our technical support representatives will provide, but you can offer web design services to your customers through a third party. In general, we can help you set up and run a particular piece of software, and we can try resolving certain installation issues, but we cannot guarantee any assistance to you or your clients when complex web design/development matters are involved.