You may have noticed that one-page websites have become popular lately. They are an alternative to the standard multi-page websites that we are all used to. If you want to build a website, you may wonder which option is better. Should you stick to the classic layout, or should you use the more modern one?

Backlinks are links from other websites leading to your website – usually to specific pages, not to the home page. It usually takes time and efforts to get enough links, but in the long run they can boost the ranking of your site and give you an advantage compared to your competitors. Find out how to get backlinks in our article.

Your goal should be easy and intuitive navigation. No matter what page people end up on, they should be able to find their way with a couple of clicks. If they cannot find with ease what they are looking for, they may get frustrated and leave. Here are ten useful tips how to make the navigation on your website better.


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