Software Compatibility

Creating a website based on an established software platform is the easiest and most secure way to expand your online presence. Most of our clients use popular software packages to build their websites. This is why our servers have been tested with some of the most popular software packages in use today.

What are the benefits of using a popular software package?

Ease of use

Building a website from the ground up can be a hefty task. Popular web software packages come packed with features. Such software allows you to build a complex website with no coding. Even if you are a developer, a popular software package will save you plenty of work.


Popular web software packages have huge user bases and communities. This helps vulnerabilities to be discovered and fixed quickly. We also take pro-active steps to prevent vulnerabilities in popular web software from affecting sites hosted on our servers.


Since many of our clients use popular software packages to build their websites, we have implemented additional software tweaks to optimize site speed. This increases the performance of the powerful hardware our servers use even further.

List of awesome software you can install and use on our servers

Our hosting servers are compatible with almost all popular web-based software - blogs, forums, content management systems, shopping carts, etc. You can run popular software packages such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, wooCommerce, OpenCart, CiviCRM, phpBB, vBulletin, CMS Made Simple, osCommerce, Magento, and many more. Below you will find a list of popular software which many of our customers use on our servers. Also, you will find links to instructions on installing the software on our servers. Note that this list is definitely incomplete, and there are many other pieces of software that you can use on our servers. If you want to use software which is not listed here, but you are not sure whether it can run on our servers, ask us on Live Chat.

CMS Software

WordPress Support forumsInstallation guide
Drupal Support forumsInstallation guide
Joomla Support forumsInstallation guide
XOOPS Support forumsInstallation guide
CMS Made Simple Support forumsInstallation guide
e107 Support forumsInstallation guide
MODX Revolution Support forumsInstallation guide
Concrete5 Support forumsInstallation guide
TYPO3 Support forums

Blog Software

WordPress Support forumsInstallation guide
XOOPS Support forumsInstallation guide
e107 Support forumsInstallation guide
Concrete5 Support forumsInstallation guide
b2evolution Support forums
Serendipity Support forums
Dotclear Support forums

eCommerce Software

WooCommerce Support forumsInstall through your WordPress dashboard
osCommerce Support forumsInstallation guide
Zen Cart Support forumsInstallation guide
Magento Support forumsInstallation guide
PrestaShop Support forumsInstallation guide
OpenCart Support forumsInstallation guide
CS-Cart Support forums
X-Cart Support forums

Forum/Communnity Software

phpBB3 Support forumsInstallation guide
xenForoSupport forums
SMF Support forumsInstallation guide
XOOPS Support forumsInstallation guide
vBulletin Support forums
bbPress Support forums
Vanilla Support forums
MyBB Support forums
FluxBB Support forums

CRM Software

SugarCRM CE Support forumsInstallation guide
CiviCRM Support forums
Zurmo Support forums
Vtiger Support forums
SuiteCRM Support forums

Wiki Software

Tiki Wiki Support forumsInstallation guide
MediaWiki Support forumsInstallation guide
DokuWiki Support forums
PmWiki Support forums

Gallery Software

Coppermine Support forumsInstallation guide

Calendar Software

Baïkal (CalDAV and CardDAV server) Support forumsInstallation guide
WebCalendar Support forumsInstallation guide

Collaboration, File Sharing, and Synchronization

Nextcloud Support forumsInstallation guide
Nextcloud HubSupport forumsInstallation guide

Learning Software

MoodleSupport forumsInstallation guide

Analitycs Software

Matomo Support forumsInstallation guide
AWStats Support forumsPreinstalled

Email client Software

RoundcubeICDSoft Knowledge BasePre-installed on all ICDSoft accounts

Survey Software

LimeSurvey Support forumsInstallation guide

Web Application Development Software

Django Support forumsInstallation guide
Ruby on Rails Support forumsInstallation guide
Laravel Support forums
Node.js Support forumsPreinstalled (Additional information)
Composer Support forumsPreinstalled
Git Support forumsPreinstalled (Additional information)
phpMyAdmin Support forumsPreinstalled

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as long as the software is compatible with our hosting environment. If you are unsure whether the software you would like to install is compatible with our servers, you can always contact our support team for assistance.

Such services are generally beyond the scope of our support team. If you are having difficulties installing a software package, you can always contact our support team, and they will assist you as much as possible.

Most of our customers find that our Business plan provides the best value. It offers lots of disk space (100 GB) which is enough for big websites and quite a few large mailboxes (up to 10 GB per mailbox on the Business plan / 30 GB on the Business Plus plan!).

If you would like to run software that utilizes Node.js, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, or Go, we would recommend that you check our WebApps and VPS plans.

CMS stands for Content Management System. This type of software is used to create and manage content (pages, images, documents, etc.). Such software is often used for website development, as it provides simple means to create complex web pages. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This type of software allows the automation and integration of sales, marketing, and support within an organization. Such software is often used to create more efficient customer relationships.

Yes. The hosting environment on all our servers is identical. A VPS server will also allow you to run projects utilizing Node.js, Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, and Go.

Yes. You can build a website by writing your own code.

We do our best to provide our customers with the latest and most stable versions of the available programming languages. We offer support for PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and TCL.

The supported PHP versions are 5.3, 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3. You can easily change the default PHP interpreter for your hosting account through the PHP Settings interface of the hosting Control Panel.