ICDSoft introduces new VPS services tailored to web developers, agencies, and resellers! Our new SmartVPS platform is a smart, feature-rich solution that gives you great prices, an intuitive management interface, unlimited websites, and much more!
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Node.js Hosting Plans

Fast and Reliable Node.js Hosting for $20.00$1000/mo

The WebApps platform allows you to deploy and run Node.js projects, as well as custom runtime environments. The Node.js environment is fully managed and updated server-side. You just need to upload your project to the server and start it through our graphical interface (or the handy CLI tool). You can also manually install other runtime environments, such as Python/Django, Go, and Ruby. The standard technologies supported on all our servers, like PHP, Perl, MySQL, are also available on these plans.

WebApps Hosting Plans


Small website, blog, portfolio


Perfect for any type of website

Business Plus

Heavy site, ~1,000,000 views/mo

Disk Storage1 GB100 GB100 GB
Data Transfer500 GB/MO5000 GB/MO10000 GB/MO
Free Site Migration
Free Daily Backups7 days7 days7 days
Free SSL CertificateLet's EncryptLet's EncryptGeotrust RapidSSL®
CPU Minutes100 minutes /day100 minutes /day300 minutes /day
Renewal Price$4.80 /mo$8.00 /mo$40.00 /mo
More featuresMore featuresMore features
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Small Node.js project

WebApps Pro

Suitable for most Node.js projects

Disk Storage30 GB60 GB
Data Transfer1000 GB/MO5000 GB/MO
Dedicated RAM1024 MB4 GB
CPU Minutes720 minutes /day1440 minutes /day
Free Daily Backups15 days15 days
Free SSL CertificateLet's EncryptLet's Encrypt
Renewal PriceAs low as $10.00 /moAs low as $30.00 /mo
More featuresMore features



First Class


CPU Cores2 cores @ 2.3 GHz 2 cores @ 2.3 GHz 8 cores @ 2.3 GHz
Dedicated RAM4 GB8 GB32 GB
Disk Storage50 GB200 GB1024 GB
Data Transfer25000 GB/MO25000 GB/MO100000 GB/MO
Free Daily Backups15 days15 days15 days
Renewal Price$49.00 /mo$99.00 /mo$299.00 /mo
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WebApps Features

Node.js Out-Of-The-Box

Node.js is pre-installed and ready to use on all our WebApps plans. You can deploy and run your Node.js project with a few clicks in our intuitive Control Panel.

Persistent Filesystem

Unlike cloud-based Node.js providers who only offer read-only, ephemeral storage, with our WebApps plans, your project and data are both stored on the same server.

Supervisor Service

The WebApps platform includes a Supervisor service that will monitor your server/daemon processes, and will make sure they run all the time.

SSH and Git

Debug and deploy your applications directly on the server through SSH access to your hosting account, as well as integrated Git support.

Dedicated RAM

With these plans you get fully dedicated RAM for your account. This makes these plans more similar to managed VPS solutions.

Django, Go and Ruby

While these frameworks/languages aren't pre-installed, our team can help you with the initial configuration and setup.

Daily Backups

All our plans include automatic free daily backups for the past 15 days; absolutely free restore (including partial/custom restore); and one on-demand backup per day.

Free SSL Certificate

All our hosting plans have built-in support for the industry leading Let's Encrypt certificate. These certificates can be enabled with one click through our Control Panel interface.

Web Hosting Features

Email, Control Panel, PHP and MySQL, experienced 24/7 tech support. Enjoy all the features that you have come to expect from an excellent hosting provider, only with Node.js.

Comparison between shared hosting plans and WebApps

ResourceShared hostingWebAppsWebApps Pro
Node.js support No Yes Yes
Custom Runtime Environments No Yes Yes
Memory limit for web processes595 MB3 GB3 GB
Memory limit for background processes (WebApps)not allowed1024 MB4 GB
CPU limit100 minutes /day720 minutes /day1440 minutes /day
Background processesNoYesYes
Simultaneous processes50UnlimitedUnlimited
Backups7 days15 days15 days

The simultaneous processes are limited only by the available RAM on your account

Web process memory limit is a "burst" limit. It cannot be occupied permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions About WebApps Platform


WebApps is the name of our managed application platform technology. It consists of a supervisor daemon responsible for starting, monitoring, and re-starting your processes, a command-line tool to control the daemon, and a web interface to manage all services.
The WebApps platform comes with the latest stable version of Node.js pre-installed and configured. You can use it for Node.js applications out of the box. However, it can also be used to run many other environments as well, for example Ruby on Rails, Django, etc.
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It makes it possible for applications written in JavaScript to run on the hosting server.
A runtime environment provides an application with access to all resources it needs in order to operate. For example, Node.js provides JavaScript applications on the server with access to the server resources (file system, RAM, CPU, etc.).
The WebApps platform is not limited to running only Node.js applications. You can also run Ruby on Rails applications on it, for example, as well as other applications that require a runtime environment.
Yes, you can. The WebApps platform is an extension of our standard hosting infrastructure. The managed web server (Apache), PHP versions (PHP 5.3, 5.6, 7.2, and 7.3), and MySQL server required for PHP applications are all available on the WebApps platform. In fact, you can run any application that is suitable for our shared hosting setup on your WebApps account as well.
You can use the local file system for data storage or the managed MySQL instance on the server. You can also run MongoDB and Redis instances for data object storage using the WebApps platform.

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