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Managed VPS Hosting

Host Unlimited Websites.  Starting at $19.00$950/mo

Unlimited Websites and Mailboxes

Free Control Panel and Account Management Panel

Free Daily Backups

15-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

RAID6 Enterprise SSD Storage

Fully Managed and Monitored Hosting Service

Free Let's Encrypt SSL/HTTPS Certificates

"I have been using ICD Soft's domain hosting services for the past 14 years. The quality of service and support provided has always been excellent. We have never experienced any problems that they did not resolve on a timely basis and their assistance has always been spot on. My philosophy is "if something works, don't change it. Thank you guys."

David Jaggernauth, IT Officer/ Business Analyst.
SECU Credit Union Cooperative Society Ltd.

          ICDSoft is rated EXCELLENT based on 96 reviews at Trustpilot



CPU Cores1 x 2.6GHz
Dedicated RAM4 GB
Disk Storage15 GB
Data Transfer5000 GB/MO
Free Daily Backups15 days

SmartVPS Pro


CPU Cores2 x 2.6GHz
Dedicated RAM6 GB
Disk Storage40 GB
Data Transfer25000 GB/MO
Free Daily Backups15 days
SmartVPS Pro
CPU Cores1 x 2.6GHz 2 x 2.6GHz
Dedicated RAM4 GB6 GB
Disk Storage15 GB40 GB
Data Transfer5000 GB/MO25000 GB/MO
Free Daily Backups15 days15 days
Control Panel Accounts
WordPress Toolkit
Free Let's Encrypt Certificates
Free Site Migrations
FastCGI, OPcache, Redis
FastCGI, OPcache, Redis
More featuresMore features

For servers with larger disk space quotas, visit

High-Performance Single Site VPS

All Plans Include

Free site migrations

Instant account activation

24x7x365 technical support

Full automatic account backups

Fully monitored and managed email service (incl. Webmail)

WordPress Management Toolkit

WordPress installer

Managed WordPress instances

Create and import WordPress backups

Easy WordPress URL change

Create staging installations

Full WP-CLI support

Full Let's Encrypt support

WebApps supervisor with Node.js, Django, Ruby support

MySQL and multi-PHP environment (PHP 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 5.6, 5.3)

Version control - Git

SSH and SFTP access with key management interface

Backups and Restore Manager

DNS service and management

Server Platform Features

Ultra fast Intel® Xeon®-powered servers

Enterprise SSD RAID 6 arrays

Debian 10 "Buster" Linux KVM infrastructure

Guaranteed CPU and RAM allocation

Fully managed and optimized LAMP stack

Full HTTP/2 support

24/7 server monitoring (over 14,400 daily checks)

Absolutely the Best Support Team in the Industry

15-minute Response Guarantee

We guarantee a response within 15 minutes, but the average resolution time for our support team is under 8 minutes!

Ticket and Email Support

A ticketing system designed to help. Contact us directly through your Account Panel, send us an email, or ping us on the LiveChat here.

Highly Qualified Experts

Our support team members are true professionals with vast technical experience and will always do their best to help you.

Tools for Every Web Developer, Web Agency, or Hosting Reseller

Powerful Account Management

Unlimited hosting accounts with a separate free Control Panel

Custom templates for hosting plans

Instant hosting account plan changes

Control over memory, processes, disk space, inodes, and traffic limits

Support for accounts with and without expiration dates

Account Management Panel with disk, traffic, and performance statistics

Central Account Management for all custom and ICDSoft plans

Real-time activation and suspension control over services (web, mail, etc.)

Quick Overview and Management of the Entire SmartVPS

Through the interface in the Account Management panel, you can easily monitor the usage of your SmartVPS and manage your child accounts' limits. Dynamic graphics show real-time Traffic, CPU and Disk Space usage. Easily adjust the parameters of your hosting plans to achieve optimal capacity.

"I have been an ICDSoft customer for 5 years now. You guys are consistently innovating, and improving your hosting services. There is no noise, ridiculous extra fees, and there is a friendly control panel. Also, the best service in the industry. I also enjoy the high level of flexibility your platform provides. It's perfect."

Chris Powell

"I have had several hosting companies throughout the decades. ICD is the fastest, most helpful and efficient support I have ever experienced which is the main reason I choose to host my client's sites with you. You guys rock!"

Rabia Yeaman

"I have been using ICDSoft to host several websites for 12 years. I cannot praise them highly enough. The service is good and their control panel is extremely easy to use. The best thing about them is their customer support. They have always responded to my requests for help very promptly. The questions I ask of them are quite often related to problems I have caused myself. They are always willing to work through things with me and get stuff working."

Andy Tough

"I have been using ICDSoft's domain hosting services for the past 14 years. The quality of service and support provided has always been excellent. We have never experienced any problems that they did not resolve on a timely basis and their assistance has always been spot on. My philosophy is "if something works, don't change it."

David Jaggernauth, IT Officer/ Business Analyst

"ICDSoft offers incredible service. The hosting control panel is clean and can be modified and often new and useful items are added, the pricing is for hosting is unbelievable for the service received and incentives for adding accounts makes it even better. But the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of ICDSoft is the customer support. It is fast and reliable and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! I truly can't believe that a company this amazing exists."

Glenn Burns

"These people are super-smart, knowledgeable and very patient. I have had a dozen websites hosted by ICDSoft over the past 15 years. The ICDSoft servers have never been down, the performance is outstanding. ICDSoft is very serious about customer service and offers the best web hosting service on the market, with very competitive rates. By far!"

Marc Descollonges

"I don't know how long I have been a customer but I have never had a problem that ya'll were not able to solve. Many times your support specialists just went into the various files and fixed it. I appreciate all of the answers to the 68 tickets I have posted over the years VERY MUCH!"

Lee Turner

Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Services


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Thanks to modern virtualization software (we use KVM), one physical server can be split into multiple virtual servers, allowing more efficient use of the server resources and lower prices for compute services.

On a managed VPS server, all software required for running websites, email, and databases is already installed, configured and tuned. On an unmanaged server, you need to install the required server software and configure it. On a managed VPS server, our system administrators take care of all security and performance updates. On an unmanaged VPS server, you need to monitor for updates yourself and apply them on your own.

On a shared web hosting server, there are many different clients sharing the same server. On a VPS, you are the only tenant - only the accounts you set up share the server.

You get your own database server instance (MySQL), your own web server, your own IP address, etc. There are security benefits to not sharing the services essential to operating your website and email, although we have a very secure shared hosting environment, which diminishes the differences. There are also potential performance benefits, as no other users will be able to occupy the server resources your site needs.

Cloud hosting services are actually very similar to VPS services. The main advantage of cloud services is the potential for unlimited and/or dynamic scalability of the resources. With our VPS plans, you can also scale up and down, but this process cannot be automated.

Fully managed VPS hosting means that the server hardware and software is fully managed by us. This includes updates to the operating system, to the web server, mail server, database server, etc. We also monitor the server performance and uptime 24/7.

We have designed the SmartVPS and SmartVPS Pro plans for customers that need more flexibility and want to customize the hosting accounts they use or resell. These plans allow you to set up custom resource limits for your accounts so that you can take full advantage of the resources at your disposal.


With unmanaged VPS hosting, you need to set up your hosting environment yourself. We offer only managed VPS hosting services. With our VPS hosting, you don't need to perform any server configuration or installation. Your VPS instance is ready in minutes and you can deploy your website, or create your email accounts right away.

We don't limit the number of websites that you can host on your VPS server. You are only limited by the resources allocated to the VPS plan that you are using.

You can manage your VPS server through the free reseller Account Panel. You can create and manage hosting accounts on your VPS through that interface. This is where you can configure the limits for your hosting accounts.

Each hosting account you create on your VPS server will have its own hosting Control Panel. We use an in-house built Control Panel, and it comes bundled with each hosting account for free.

Yes, we do. We create daily system backups, and we keep them at a remote server for up to 15 days.

The VPS accounts have access to all software available to the shared plans, such as WP-CLI, separate PHP interpreters, Drush, GIT, and others. Some features are available only to VPS accounts including, but not limited to, FastCGI, OPcache, Redis, Memcached, FFMPEG, Node.js (WebApps), and others.

Our servers run Linux and the server-side scripting languages we support are PHP, Perl, Python, TCL, and Ruby. PHP and Perl are more popular and widely spread languages and in general you can find more and better supported products written in them. We also support MySQL.

You can run WordPress, Joomla, phpBB3, osCommerce, ZenCart, Baikal, SMF, Magento, XOOPS, e107, SugarCRM, Coppermine, WebCalendar, MODX, TikiWiki, MediaWiki, Concrete5, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Piwik/Matomo, OpenCart, LimeSurvey, Nextcloud, and many others.

We have instructions on installing a plethora of web applications in our Knowledge Base.

Adding modules/software without extensive testing can affect the software environment and it may not be possible for us to honor all requests regarding additional software. If you need anything specific, please contact our support team, and we will review your request.

Each VPS server is limited to the resources available for its plan: CPU cores, RAM, disk space, inodes, traffic, etc. When setting up individual hosting accounts, you can customize the limits for each account such as disk space, traffic, inodes, memory limit, processes limit, etc.

You have SSH access to the server, but you don't have root access. This is a managed service, and the system services are set up and managed by us.

Billing and Management

VPS plans are paid on a monthly basis. You can also pay for your VPS account for several months in advance.

There is a fifteen-day money-back guarantee on your first month subscription.

Yes, you can upgrade an existing account to the Startup, First Class, or Ultimate plans. The upgrade requires the migration of the account to the VPS platform. You need to contact our support team to schedule the migration.

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