WordPress MultiManager

Manage All Your WordPress Sites Effortlessly

Monitor and manage all your WordPress sites through a single interface

Update the core, themes, and plugins of all or select WordPress sites

Install new themes and plugins from the WordPress repository

Manage users and access the WordPress Dashboard with 1 click

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The Only Tool You Need to Manage Your WordPress Sites

With WordPress MultiManager, you can effortlessly manage multiple WordPress sites from one centralized location, regardless of where they are hosted. Just watch our video guide, and see how easy it is!

Free, Fast and Easy

WordPress MultiManager is available for free to all ICDSoft partners. Signing up for an ICDSoft partner account is completely free and without any purchase obligation.

Adding a site for management is super easy - simply enter your site address, log in, approve the connection, connect the site. Our free WordPress plugin MultiManager WP will be automatically installed, and you will be able to manage the connected site.

Supports All WordPress Sites and Providers

You can use WordPress MultiManager with sites hosted by ICDSoft or any other provider. To use our WordPress management solution, you only need to have an ICDSoft partner account and a functional WordPress site based on version 6.0 or newer.

Anyone can sign up for a free ICDSoft partner account. And if you are looking for a fast and reliable WordPress hosting solution with top-notch technical support, check out our WordPress hosting plans.

WordPress MultiManager Features

Quick Site Overview

Once you connect a site, it will show up in the "WordPress Sites" section of WordPress MultiManager. There, you can monitor all connected WordPress sites and see a quick summary of important information such as available core, plugin, and theme updates.

Bulk Management of Themes and Plugins

WordPress MultiManager allows you to quickly and easily compare the themes, plugins, and their versions for multiple WordPress websites at once. You can also use WordPress MultiManager to change the active theme for a website and activate or deactivate plugins.

Install Themes and Plugins

You can search for themes and plugins available in the WordPress repository directly through WordPress MultiManager. Once you find the theme or plugin that you wish to install, simply select the WordPress websites where you would like to install it and click Install.

Bulk Updates Manager

Apply the latest updates for the WordPress core, themes, and plugins to some or all of your websites at once. This is a simple process that takes just a few clicks through the "Updates" section within WordPress MultiManager.

Notifications for Available Updates

WordPress MultiManager shows if there are any core, plugin, or theme updates for a connected site, so you can easily see what WordPress components require your attention. Furthermore, you can choose to receive weekly email notifications for available updates.

Full User Control

The users of a connected WordPress installation can be viewed at any time through WordPress MultiManager. You can also easily modify specific users and their details, as well as log in to the WordPress Dashboard as any user with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress MultiManager is a free, powerful tool developed by ICDSoft that allows users to efficiently manage multiple WordPress installations through a single, user-friendly interface.

To access WordPress MultiManager, you just need to log in to your ICDSoft Account Panel. and go to the WordPress MultiManager section there.

Yes, WordPress MultiManager is compatible with WordPress sites hosted on any hosting provider.

There are a few requirements:

  • — The version of WordPress must be 6.0 or higher.
  • — The site needs to have a valid SSL certificate.
  • — The site needs to allow the connection via an application password. This is the default behavior of WordPress, but it may be changed by a security plugin or firewall.

The WordPress MultiManager eases the WordPress update process in two ways:

  • — Through the interface, you can update the core, themes, and plugins of multiple selected WordPress websites simultaneously.
  • — The email notification feature will provide you with a single notification about all available updates for all your sites, making discovering and scheduling important updates easier and more time efficient.

The WordPress MultiManager solution and the MultiManager WP plugin can be used for free with no purchase required.

"I have hosted my business website with ICDSoft since 2002 (WHOA, 20 years!), and it has been the best experience. Never have they given me a single reason to look elsewhere. The customer and technical support is second to none… always a quick and thorough response. I'm definitely not a technical person... I know just enough to maintain a website, and I always feel like any time I've had an issue or question, the help desk people have been so great with helping me and explaining things in a way that a non-techy person can understand. I recommend ICDSoft to everyone looking for a web host or a new web host because over the past 20 years, I have not had a single negative experience with them."

Tara Lokey

"I have been an ICDSoft customer for 5 years now. You guys are consistently innovating, and improving your hosting services. There is no noise, ridiculous extra fees, and there is a friendly control panel. Also, the best service in the industry. I also enjoy the high level of flexibility your platform provides. It's perfect."

Chris Powell

"I have had several hosting companies throughout the decades. ICD is the fastest, most helpful and efficient support I have ever experienced which is the main reason I choose to host my client's sites with you. You guys rock!"

Rabia Yeaman

"I have been using ICDSoft to host several websites for 12 years. I cannot praise them highly enough. The service is good and their control panel is extremely easy to use. The best thing about them is their customer support. They have always responded to my requests for help very promptly. The questions I ask of them are quite often related to problems I have caused myself. They are always willing to work through things with me and get stuff working."

Andy Tough

"I have been using ICDSoft's domain hosting services for the past 14 years. The quality of service and support provided has always been excellent. We have never experienced any problems that they did not resolve on a timely basis and their assistance has always been spot on. My philosophy is "if something works, don't change it."

David Jaggernauth, IT Officer/ Business Analyst

"ICDSoft offers incredible service. The hosting control panel is clean and can be modified and often new and useful items are added, the pricing is for hosting is unbelievable for the service received and incentives for adding accounts makes it even better. But the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of ICDSoft is the customer support. It is fast and reliable and INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! I truly can't believe that a company this amazing exists."

Glenn Burns

"These people are super-smart, knowledgeable and very patient. I have had a dozen websites hosted by ICDSoft over the past 15 years. The ICDSoft servers have never been down, the performance is outstanding. ICDSoft is very serious about customer service and offers the best web hosting service on the market, with very competitive rates. By far!"

Marc Descollonges

"I don't know how long I have been a customer but I have never had a problem that ya'll were not able to solve. Many times your support specialists just went into the various files and fixed it. I appreciate all of the answers to the 68 tickets I have posted over the years VERY MUCH!"

Lee Turner

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