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We assume you already have a SQL dump/schema file of your database on your computer, or you have it uploaded on your hosting account with us.

To import the SQL dump/schema file, you have two options:

Using phpMyAdmin

Detailed information on importing a database through phpMyAdmin is available in our Importing a database using PhpMyAdmin article. In case the SQL file that you wish to import is larger than 20 MB, you should use the database Import Wizard described below.

Using the Import Wizard

Access the MySQL Databases section of your hosting Control Panel, select the MySQL version of your database from the MySQL version drop-down menu, and click on the Import button next to the database you wish to import into. After that, you can choose a file from your local computer for upload, or click on the or select an uploaded file link to import a file you have already uploaded to your account. If the database does not already exist, you need to create it first.