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The Site Statistics section of the Control Panel supplies information about how to access statistics gathered for your website. You will find all of your subdomains listed in a table format. The table contains four columns:

  • Website - This column lists all available subdomains.

  • Webalizer - Contains links to the Webalizer statistics for each subdomain. Click on the Stats button to get a list of available statistics by month. A summary is also available. Clicking on the listed URLs opens a new page containing the stats data.

  • AWStats - Allows you to enable or disable AWStats statistics generation per subdomain. Once you enable AWStats for a certain subdomain, a Stats link button will appear in the same column. The list of available statistics includes current stats as well as stats by month. Clicking on the listed URLs opens a new page containing the stats data.

  • Action - This column contains a Users button for each subdomain. Clicking on the Protect button lets you access password protection options for the statistics pages on each subdomain. Detailed explanation about this protection is available in our Password protection article.

You can use the Force HTTPS connection to the statistics folders subsection to force secure connection to your website statistics. This may be required to pass a PCI compliance scan.