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Managing subdomains

The Subdomains section of the Control Panel allows you to create, rename, or delete subdomains for your account. To create a new subdomain, please follow these steps:

  1. Type the desired subdomain name in the box under Creating a new subdomain.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the subdomain to be created.


Clicking on any of the subdomain names listed will take you to the main page of the respective subdomain. A default "Got New Host" index page is created automatically for each new subdomain.

The path to the directory with the subdomain files is shown next to the subdomain name. Clicking on it will allow you to browse the directory of the subdomain via the File Manager.

To rename a subdomain, please click on the Rename button next to it. This will turn the field Creating a new subdomain into a Renaming a subdomain field. Type the new name of the subdomain there, and press Rename. When renaming a subdomain, it is important to know that:


  • you must fix any system paths that you may have in the files of the renamed subdomain
  • the AWStats statistics will be reset and will start anew.

To remove a subdomain name along with its content, click the Delete button for it.

All operations with subdomains (creating, renaming, or deleting) take about a minute to complete.

Wildcard subdomains

The wildcard subdomains feature allows you to point all non-existing subdomains of the domain name in the Domain column to its document root. This feature is useful if you plan to manage multiple subdomains with a single application located in this document root.

You can enable or disable this feature with the Enable/Disable button in the Wildcard subdomains tab of the Subdomains section in the hosting Control Panel.