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Everyone should pay attention to the security of their account, because anyone can be a target of hackers.

Accounts are almost always hacked automatically by bots. Particular users or sites are rarely a specific aim of an attack. In most cases, the hackers just need your system resources. If they gain access, the mailboxes are used for spamming; the hacked web sites are used for spamming, launching hacking or DDoS attacks against other sites or services, distributing questionable content, and hosting advertizing or fraudulent pages and malware.

This is why everyone should take proper measures to keep their services secure. No site is too small or an e-mail account too unimportant, as the service is almost always hacked just for its resources.

Of course, your business or you personally may be a specific target for attackers. This may be due to personal reasons, it may be initiated by competitors, or the hackers may be planning to demand a ransom from you to stop attacking your service. This is one more reason why you should pay attention to the security of your accounts. If you receive threats that your service will be attacked, you should notify us on this matter.