When making changes through the DNS Manager section of the Control Panel, you can select whether to apply these changes to a single domain or all domains parked to the account. You can do this through the Apply changes to select box.

If you choose the All domains in this account option, the changes you make through the interface will be applied in the DNS configuration of the main and all domain names parked to the account.

DNS records

When adding a DNS record for All domains in this account, this DNS record will be added for all parked domains, no matter if a record of the same type exists for the same hostname (subdomain). If the target of the record is different from the existing record, it is possible the particular hostname to receive two records of the same type. For example, if you have an existing A record for test.your_parked.domain.com pointing to and you add another A record for the test subdomain for All domains in this account pointing to, then test.your_parked.domain.com will end up with two A records - one pointing to and another pointing to

Mail Delivery status

When applying changes to the Mail delivery status for All domains in this account, the existing mail delivery status of the main and all parked domains will be overwritten with the new setting.