Sharing the integrated calendar with Thunderbird will allow you to add, remove, and manage events and tasks in your calendar directly in Thunderbird. All events and tasks will be synchronized between Thunderbird and the Webmail interface automatically.

This guide will help you connect Thunderbird to your Roundcube integrated calendar.

Get your connection details

1. To start off, get your connection details from your Roundcube integrated calendar. To get the details, log in to your mailbox in the Roundcube webmail interface with your mailbox name and mailbox password. Once logged in, click on Calendars. When you are on the calendars page, click on the Export button at the top of the page and select the calendar you would like to synchronize with Thunderbird. You will then be presented with this calendar's connection details:

Export a calendar in Roundcube

2. Please save these details, as you will need them later.


Connect Thunderbird to your calendar

1. Open the Calendar screen in Thunderbird. There, click on the plus (+) sign next to the Calendar heading in the left pane:

Create a new calendar in Thunderbird

2. On the next screen, select the "On the Network" option, and click Next:

Import a new calendar in Thunderbird


3. On the next screen, input the connection details you saved at step 2 in the previous section. IMPORTANT: Please remove the https:// part of the Calendar URI when you place it in the Location field. Otherwise, Thunderbird will not be able to connect successfully:

Connect to a new calendar in Thunderbird

When you click on Find Calendars, you will be prompted for a password. Please use the password you are using to connect to your mailbox. This should be the same password you used at step 1 in the previous section to log in to Roundcube webmail. 


4. On the next screen, make sure the Calendar Type filed is set to CalDAV and confirm your selection. You can hit the Properties button to configure some calendar options such as associated email address and synchronization period. Once you are ready click Subscribe:

Subscribe to a new calendar in Thunderbird


This is it

Your calendar should now be available in Thunderbird. Any events or tasks you create or modify will be automatically synchronized between Thunderbird and Roundcube webmail.