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Adding MX records

DNS records added via the "DNS Manager" section in the Control panel take effect only when the domain name uses the DNS service of your hosting account.

In order to apply changes to your DNS records, you need to:

1. Log into your Control panel and navigate to the "DNS manager" section.

2. You can apply the changes globally for all domain names parked on the hosting account, or for a particular domain name only. Select the appropriate option from the "Show hostnames of:" drop-down menu.

Select a domain

3. At the bottom of the page you will see an "Add a new record" field. Select "MX" from the "Type" drop-down menu.

Add a new record

4. Leave the "Subdomain" field empty. In case the mail server to which you point the mail service accepts e-mails for subdomains, and you want to be able to receive e-mails at a subdomain, then type the name of the subdomain in the "Subdomain" field.

In the "MX target" field you need to add the name of the host (server) to which you want to point the MX record. You cannot add an IP address in this field. If you have an IP address only, then you need to create first a separate "A" record for a hostname/subdomain (for example pointing to the IP address of the mail server. Information on adding "A" records is available in the "Adding A records" article. After adding the "A" record for that hostname, you need to type that hostname/subdomain in the "MX Target" field.

Type 0 in the "Priority" field. This is the highest priority. If you have other MX records, and you want them to be with higher priority, then you can increase the priority value for this field, so that it is lower than the priority you applied for the other MX records.

After applying all values, click on the "Submit" button.

Add an MX record