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Disabling the DNS service

DNS records added via the "DNS Manager" section in the Control panel take effect only when the domain name uses the DNS service of your hosting account.

In order to disable the DNS service for a single or all domains on the account, you need to:

1. Log into your Control panel and navigate to the "DNS manager" section.

2. You can apply the changes globally for all domain names part of the hosting account, or only for a particular domain name. Select the appropriate options next to "Show hostnames of:" and "Apply changes to:".

Select a domain

3. Click the "Disable DNS service" / "Disable DNS service for all domains" button.

When you disable the DNS service, all DNS zone files will be removed from our server, and our server will stop answering to DNS queries for your domain name. Please, note that if you disable the DNS service for your domain name, and if your domain name is using our nameservers, your site will stop working (i.e. it will stop resolving properly).

Disable DNS 

To enable the DNS service, select the appropriate domain, and click the "Enable DNS service" / "Enable DNS service for all domains" button.

Enable DNS