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Logging Into Your Account via SSH using Putty

SSH (secure shell) is a network protocol that provides secure login/access for customers to their server accounts, through a terminal program. Users on all servers are able to access their accounts over SSH. To connect to the server via SSH using Putty, please follow the steps below. 

1. Enable the SSH access for your account. You can do this from the SSH Access section in the Control Panel.

2. Download Putty. Putty is an SSH client, which can be downloaded from this link

3. Start putty.exe and enter the following connection details in the Sessions category:

  • Host name - enter your server's host name. You can find your server's host name listed in the upper left corner of your Control Panel.
  • Port - use the default port (22)
  • Connection type - SSH

 Putty Screen

Enter the connection details specified above and press the Open button. 

4. Add the server's ssh-rsa key fingerprint to Putty's cache:

putty security alert

Press the Yes button to add the key to Putty's cache and carry on connecting. In that way, you will no longer receive this security warning whenever you try to connect again.

5. On the next step, the server will prompt you to enter your username and password, which are the same as your Control Panel credentials.