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The Account Panel for clients is a management interface that allows your end clients to view and manage all their hosting services purchased through you, as well as purchase new ones. Any services your clients purchase will show up in your Account Panel. This means that your end clients will help increase your discount rates. 

The Account Panel for clients provides access to features not available in the hosting Control Panel, such as a domain management interface. Your clients can use their own Account Panel to order accounts, domains, domain transfers, SSL certificates, and more. 

You can control whether a link to the Account Panel for clients is visible in the hosting account's Control Panel. You can do that through your own Account Panel > "Manage" section of the hosting account - "Show "Account Panel" link in Control Panel". This option is not visible for clients buying directly from ICDSoft, because their Account Panel for clients is always enabled.

  • When the "Show "Account Panel" link in Control Panel" option is enabled, a button linking to the Account Panel for clients will be available through the "Marketplace" section of the hosting Control Panel.
  • When the "Show "Account Panel" link in Control Panel" option is disabled, the "Marketplace" section of the hosting Control Panel will provide instructions on contacting you regarding any purchases, and a button linking to the Account Panel for clients  will not be visible.

You can also control whether the "Account Panel" link in the Control Panel will be visible for hosting accounts purchased through your own online store. You can do that through Online Stores - Management - Edit - Main Settings - Account Panel options. There, you have a toggle for "Show "Account Panel" link in Control Panel and on hosted storefront pages". This option will affect any new accounts purchased through your online store. If you wish to apply this change for all existing accounts part of this online store, you can use the "Apply change to all existing services" checkbox. With this option enabled, a new item will be added to the menu of our hosted storefront solution, which will allow your clients to access the login page of the Account Panel for clients.

The Account Panel for clients is available for clients buying directly from ICDSoft and for clients buying directly from your own online store(s).

If you wish to fully disable the access of a client to their Account Panel, you can use the option Status -> Suspended in the Client's management screen.