A Client is a person or a company that may have purchased one or more services through you. The "Account & Clients" > "Clients" section provides a seamless way for you to manage your end clients.

The purpose of Clients is not only to allow the easier management of existing accounts, but also to provide a way for your clients to purchase multiple services from you.

You can group up hosting accounts into a single Client that you can bind to an online store, or to ICDSoft.  

  • Clients set up to use an online store will adhere to the prices set up in that store, and they will be able to purchase only services enabled in it.
  • Clients set up to use ICDSoft will have access to all services provided by ICDSoft, but they will still take advantage of your reseller discounts.

Your end clients can greatly benefit by having access to the Account Panel for clients.


For example, Alice and Bob each have two accounts hosted with you. Alice has domain1.com and domain2.com, while Bob has domain3.com and domain4.com. You wish to charge Alice and Bob different prices. You want Alice to pay the prices defined in your online store, but you want Bob to take full advantage of your reseller discount because he's a friend of yours. You can have two Client entities: one for Alice, and one for Bob. You can then assign their hosting services accordingly:

  • domain1.com and domain2.com to Client Alice
  • domain3.com and domain4.com to Client Bob

You have already created your online store: online store #1. You can assign an online store for each Client:

  • ClientAlice should use online store #1
  • ClientBob should use ICDSoft

You should make sure that the Account Panel for clients is enabledfor Client Alice. Client Bob will have his Account Panel enabled by default because he buys from the ICDSoft store. The Account Panel will allow your clients to manage all their hosting accounts in a single interface. More information on it is available in the next section.