Creating a new child account

You can create an unlimited number of separate hosting accounts on your SmartVPS plan. New accounts are created with the "Create New Account" button in the "Manage Server" interface for the SmartVPS plan.

Overselling of resources

The SmartVPS hosting plans allow overselling. Since the server resources are managed by you, if a single account on a server is able to occupy the disk space of the whole VPS, this can cause downtime and degradation of services for all other hosting plans on the server.

You should always leave a healthy amount of available disk space and not over-provision excessively.

You can create an unlimited number of accounts each with its own set of disk, inode, etc. limits. These hosting plans are limited by the overall VPS plan limits.

The healthy overselling ratio depends on the type of customers you have for your hosting plans. If you don't know your users and their habits, we recommend that you keep an oversell ratio of 1.2 or even lower (i.e. no oversell).

Once you get to know your customers, you can adjust your hosting plans to suit.

Example: You can create and sell ten 10 GB hosting accounts on a single 15 GB VPS plan. Most of your customers (say eight of them) will use 1 GB or less. The remaining 20% of your customers (two) will utilize their plans heavily. You should monitor the usage of the VPS, and if the amount of free disk space comes close to 80% of its maximum disk space, we recommend an upgrade to a higher VPS plan, or an upgrade of the child account to one of the standalone hosting plans offered by ICDSoft.

Resource limits

To create a new account, you must supply a domain name and username, and set the account resource limits. The account limits can be chosen from a predefined hosting plan template, or you can use the "Select Options Manually" checkbox for fine-grained control over the account limits and resources.

Hosting plans

You can create your own hosting plan templates through the "Manage plans" interface. When you edit a plan already used by existing accounts, you can decide whether the new values should be applied to the existing services by selecting the "Yes/No" "Apply changes to all existing accounts using this plan" option.

Expiration dates

Each hosting account you create can be set up with or without an expiration date. If you set an expiration date, you have the option to receive a reminder about the expiration.

Accounts without an expiration date will be active as long as you keep your VPS service active.

All hosting accounts (with or without an expiration date) will be suspended if you let the VPS plan expire.