To create a new payment request, click the Create button in the top-right corner of the Online Stores > Payment Requests section.

  1. You need to select the relevant store in the Online Store drop-down menu. Note: You cannot have services from different stores in a single payment request.
  2. Add the services that you wish to include to the payment request using the forms listed below:
    • New Service allows you to see a list of the available new items associated with the store, such as hosting accounts, SSL certificates and domain name registrations. You should use this menu to generate requests for new hosting accounts, new SSL certificates and standalone domain name registrations.
    • Existing services (the Include related resources option available for these services would display to the end customer other resources associated with the item, such as other domain names and SSL certificates):
      • Existing Hosting Account allows you to renew, upgrade, or migrate an existing hosting account, or add services related to an existing hosting account, such as transfer of a domain parked to the account, SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses, additional domain parking slots, etc.
      • Existing Domain allows you to add renewal for an existing domain name to the request.
      • Existing SSL Certificate allows you to add renewal for an existing SSL certificate to the request.
    • Custom Service allows you to bill your end users for services that are not defined on our end. For example, you can list services that you provide yourself to your end clients, such as software installation or configuration, debugging, website design, etc, and you can set pricing for the service. You can add multiple custom items within a single order.
  3. Use the $ button next to each service from the Order items section if you wish to apply a custom discount for that service. You can apply a percentage or fixed price discount with your own discount text.
  4. The Request Settings section allows you to choose the expiration date of the payment request, lock the items in the payment request, and if the payment request should be sent to the customer upon completion.

Note: If you change the main currency for your store, the fees of your predefined items will be recalculated. However, if you have added custom services, their prices will remain unchanged.