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Payment requests are custom order forms which you can generate and send to your customers. A payment request can include any of the services listed as active in your products catalog – new hosting account, new standalone domain registration, hosting account renewal, SSL certificate renewal, domain renewal, domain transfer, hosting account upgrade, etc. You can even add custom items to the payment request, which allows you to combine hosting and third-party services in a single payment request.

Requirements for using payment requests:

  • At least one online store. Please refer to the Creating a store help section for additional details.
  • A properly configured hosted or self-hosted storefront. For the self-hosted storefront, your widget/WordPress plugin should be properly configured and its URL specified in the Widget/WordPress URL field of your online store's General Settings.

Here are some examples on custom payment requests that you can create and use to further improve your billing management:

  • Purchasing or renewing a single service (hosting, registration, or transfer for a specific domain name);
  • Purchasing and/or renewing multiple different services at once;
  • Applying custom discounts for services in your store;
  • Getting paid for additional services that you provide directly to your end clients, such as web design or web development services related to their sites.