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"Productivity" > "SSH Keys" is a management interface for the SSH keys associated with your Account Panel. 

All SSH keys that have been configured through the Account Panel are listed here. The interface also lists SSH keys that have been added through the online Control Panel of individual hosting accounts.

You can assign a different hosting account to each key. A key can be added to individual hosting accounts or to all active hosting accounts listed in your Account Panel. The Auto add to new accounts option allows you to automatically enable SSH access with this key for all new hosting accounts.

Add Key - Use this button to add an existing public key to your account. The interface gives you the option to allow access with the corresponding key to all existing accounts and enable the Auto add to new accounts option. Name is a descriptive field, which you can use to recognize different keys more easily.

Generate Key - This button allows you to generate a new public/private key pair. The private key can also be encrypted with a passphrase. Important - after generating the key pair, you should save the private key to your device. We do not store private keys due to security concerns.

To access your hosting accounts via SSH with key based authentication, you need to import the private key in your SSH client.