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No Limits Affiliate Program


Weekly Payments

We issue payments every week. There is no withhold period!

Recurring Payments

Recurring Revenue

You earn commissions not only for sign-ups, but for renewals as well!


No Minimum Payout

There is no minimum payout amount. All earnings are paid weekly!

How Does It Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does the affiliate program work?

    The affiliate program allows our affiliates to make profit by referring customers to ICDSoft through a link or a banner on their websites, mailing lists, social profiles, or other communication channels. A referral is counted whenever a customer purchases a web hosting account with us, as specified in our Affiliate Terms of Use.

  2. Does it cost anything to participate in your affiliate program?

    No. To participate in our affiliate program, you just need to link to our website (using our affiliate links and banners) and collect your earned commissions.

  3. Do I have to be a customer of your hosting services?

    No. Our affiliate program doesn't require a purchase of any of our services.

  4. Can I Use PPC Campaigns to promote your services?

    Yes, but bidding on our company name ("icdsoft") and similar search terms ("icd soft", "icd host", etc.) is forbidden.

  5. How much will I have to wait for my first payment?

    There is no withhold period with our program. Commissions are paid out weekly.

  6. What services can I get commissions for?

    You are entitled to commissions for all our hosting plans. The following services are not eligible for commissions - domain names, SSL certificates, additional resources (dedicated IP addresses, traffic, slots for parked domains, databases, etc.).

  7. What is a recurring commission?

    For hosting plans on an annual billing cycle (see table) you can get up to 2 renewal commissions, fixed at 10%. This makes your maximum effective commission rate 95% of the base price.

    For hosting plans on a monthly billing cycle (see table) you can get up to 11 renewal commissions, fixed at 10%, making the maximum effective commission rate 185% of the base price.

    Renewal commissions are paid after the customer submits a renewal payment.

  8. Banners

  9. Where do I get a banner?

    Once you have an affiliate account, you can get banner/text link HTML code snippets from the affiliate Account Panel > Links and Banners.

  10. I have several sites, how many different banners can I have?

    You can have as many different banners as you want. You will get statistics for each banner at the affiliate Account Panel > Statistics.

  11. Do I need to add the banners myself?

    Yes, while we may be able to offer some help with adding the banners to websites hosted on our servers, this task is up to the affiliate.

  12. Payments

  13. How much will I earn?

    The maximum sign-up commission is 75%, but you can offer promotions to your referrals, which in turn could increase your conversion rate and overall profit. See the table below for more details.

  14. How do you calculate commissions?

    All commissions are calculated on the basis of the full (base) price of the hosting service.

  15. How do I check how much money I have earned?

    You can check your earnings at the Statistics section of the affiliate Account panel.

  16. How can I receive my earnings?

    You can receive the commissions you have earned through one of the following methods:

    • PayPal transfer
    • Bank wire transfer (bank transaction fees of the referral commission (if any) are covered by the affiliate)
  17. What is the minimum payout fee?

    • We do not impose minimum fees on PayPal payments.

    • For Bank/Wire Transfers under $200 USD the transaction fees must be paid for by the affiliate.

    • For Bank/Wire Transfers over $200 USD we will cover the transaction fees.

  18. Technical

  19. Does the first or the last affiliate get the commission?

    If a customer visits our website through several different affiliate links/banners before making a purchase, the commission will be credited to the last visit, through the last link.

  20. For how long do you track each referral?

    The cookie lifetime is set to 30 days.

  21. Do I need to place an FTC Disclosure statement on my website?

    Yes, if you operate under US jurisdiction, you need to add proper disclosure. You can find more information on the FTC page.

  22. Who do I contact for support and assistance?

    We are really proud of our support team, and you can contact us with any questions you may have at support@icdsoft.com.

Affiliate Commissions Sample Table

Hosting PlanBase Price 75% Commission10% Renewal Commission / CyclesMax Total Profit Effective Commission Rate
Shared Hosting | Annual Billing Cycle
Economy$72.00$54.00$7.20 / 2$68.4095.00%
Economy EU$96.00$72.00$9.60 / 2$91.2095.00%
Business$120.00$90.00$12.00 / 2$114.0095.00%
Business HK$240.00$180.00$24.00 / 2$228.0095.00%
Business Plus$600.00$450.00$60.00 / 2$570.0095.00%
Business Plus HK$1,200.00$900.00$120.00 / 2$1,140.0095.00%
WebApps | Monthly Billing Cycle
WebApps$30.00$22.50$3.00 / 11$55.50185.00%
WebApps HK$60.00$45.00$6.00 / 11$111.00185.00%
WebApps Pro $100.00$75.00$10.00 / 11$185.00185.00%
WebApps Pro HK$200.00$150.00$20.00 / 11$370.00185.00%
Managed VPS | Monthly Billing Cycle
First Class$299.00$224.25$29.90 / 11$553.15185.00%
First Class HK$598.00$448.50$59.80 / 11$1,106.30185.00%
Ultimate$999.00$749.25$99.90 / 11$1,848.15185.00%
Ultimate HK$1,998.00$1,498.50$199.80 / 11$3,696.30185.00%

Affiliate Program Terms of Use

In order to participate in our affiliate program, you must agree to the Affiliate Program Terms of Use.