Datacenters / Neterra

The Neterra Sofia Data Center is a carrier-neutral facility, the newest in the region, and the only one designed for a data center from the planning stage in the last 15 years. Neterra holds a Declaration of Conformity with EC Directives and Safety Standards. The Neterra Sofia data center is a part of the largest Internet exchange points in Europe.



Neterra is a part of the largest Internet exchange points in Europe: DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Equinix in Paris, LINX in London, AMS-IX in Amsterdam, and Ronix and Interlan in Bucharest.

The company has direct connectivity to all neighboring countries and reaches Georgia and Armenia via the Black Sea, and Asia and Africa via the submarine cable systems MedNautilus and SEE-ME-WE 3.


The fire alarm system in Sofia Data Center is type VESDA® (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus). It offers the earliest possible warning of potential fire.

The fire extinguishing system uses FM200® gas mixture, which in case of a problem isolates the fire with no impact on the surrounding area. The building is seismically protected, designed to withstand earthquakes of a magnitude of 9 in MSK scale.


The Sofia Data Center has 24-hour security, computer access control, video surveillance, and individual locks for each drawer.

All systems at SDC - power supply, electric switchboard, UPS, and air-conditioning are under constant monitoring.


The Sofia Data Center is a two-floor colocation facility with a total area of 660 m2 and very well managed capacity. The floor height is 3.50 m. plus 50 cm. raised floor and floor point loading up to 3 kN.

The colocation center has two Meet-Me-Rooms, two independent incoming cable lines for external connections to each MMR, and two independent routes for communication cables coming from MMR to the client equipment.


Neterra has built-in Free Cooling Air Conditioning System in the data center which uses less power and provides lower ambient air temperature.

The system introduces greater quantities of fresh air which also improves the air quality. This enables the system to lower the energy usage with 30% in the summer and up to 50% in the cooler fall and winter months.


We keep a spare/standby server in each server rack. If a production server fails, it will be immediately replaced by a spare server, and the latest backup will be restored. This way ICDSoft can offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


The Sofia Data Center is served by two independent sources of electric power supply, each of them able to cover 100% of the load. The facility has 1+1 electric generators, switching automatically, and two fully independent А UPS (N+1) and В UPS (N+1) systems.


Our servers are specially designed for our hosting environment. Built with the most reliable server components, they are with 2x Quad-core Xeon processors, up to 32 GB RAM, RAID 6 disk arrays, and SSDs for the most I/O-intensive operations.

The hot-swap HDDs, power supply units, and cooling fans allow repairs/replacement of these components while the machine stays online. This design brings the hardware reliability to the highest level.