Business Plus

Business Plus is our most powerful shared hosting plan. You can think of it as an upgrade to our Business plan, as it comes with all its regular features, but it also provides three times higher CPU and MySQL usage minutes and mailbox sizes.

Three Times Higher CPU and MySQL Usage Limits

We consider it fair that a shared hosting account on the Business plan should not require more than 100 CPU minutes and 20 MySQL minutes a day. The Business Plus plan offers 300 CPU minutes and 60 MySQL minutes a day. You can check your account's CPU and MySQL usage at the Resources section in the Control Panel.

These higher limits make the Business Plus plan a suitable solution for more heavily-visited websites. It's a mid-level plan that's between our Business and First Class offerings.

Three Times Larger Mailbox Size

The maximum allowed mailbox size on our shared servers is 10 GB, and it's applicable for our Economy EU and Business plans. In comparison, the maximum mailbox size on Business Plus is 30 GB.

150 GB of Disk Space

You get and can fully utilize the resources you pay for when you get a Business Plus plan. You can use the 150 GB of storage to host a heavy and popular website, keep a large collection of web files, give more space to important mailboxes containing business-related communication, etc.

Free SSL Certificate

Business Plus accounts are eligible for a free GeoTrust RapidSSL® certificate with a market value of $30.00. SSL certificates are becoming an industry standard as they are now required not just for online stores, but basically for any website that takes user input from contact forms or login panels.

The Business Plus Plan is available in our datacenters in the USA, Europe, and Hong Kong

ResourceBusinessBusiness PlusFirst Class VPS
SSD Storage 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
CPU Limit 150 minutes /day 300 minutes /day Unmetered
MySQL Usage Limit20 minutes /day60 minutes /dayUnmetered
Maximum Mailbox Size10 GB30 GB200 GB
Total Database Size10 GB30 GBUnrestricted
CPU Limit per Process60 seconds60 secondsUnrestricted
Free SSL CertificateLet's EncryptGeoTrust RapidSSL®GeoTrust RapidSSL®
Simultaneous Processes5050Unrestricted
Backups7 days7 days15 days

There are CPU/Memory limits set by default for accounts on the First Class plan, which we consider safe to ensure the proper operation of the system. These limits are adjustable.

Please contact us directly at sales@icdsoft.com if you have a question about the Business Plus plan.