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The raw Apache access logs, as well as the FTP access logs for the account, are available in the /home/$USER/logs folder on the server. This folder is accessible through the File Manager of the hosting Control panel, and through FTP.

To access the logs folder with the File Manager and download log files over HTTP, you need to:

  1. Open your hosting Control Panel, and go to the File Manager.
  2. Click on the .. link to go to the upper folder. You might have to click it a second time, to reach the /home/$USER/ folder.
  3. Click on the logs folder. You will see a directory structure with the available log files for your account, a subfolder for each separate month. You can locate the file(s) you need, and download it by clicking on it.

To download log files over FTP, you need to log in to your account via FTP and change the working directory to /logs (make sure that you include the leading slash). You will find the logs in that directory. Note that you must use your main FTP user.

We also provide log analysis tools that are readily available with your hosting account. You can access them on the Site Statistics page of the Control Panel.

For information on viewing the error log, as well as the access log, of the web server in near real time, please refer to the Live HTTP Logs article. 

The mail logs are not available for download; however, you can search for incoming and outgoing messages for your hosting account's mailboxes via the Online Manual -> Control Panel -> Logs section. More details on how to search for specific messages are available in our Searching for messages in the mail server logs article.