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Pointing the Mail service to another mail server

DNS records added via the "DNS Manager" section in the Control panel take effect only when the domain name uses the DNS service of your hosting account.

In order to apply changes to your DNS records, you need to:

1. Log into your Control panel and navigate to the "DNS manager" section.

2. You can apply the changes globally for all domain names parked on the hosting account, or for a particular domain name only. Select the appropriate option from the "Show hostnames of:" drop-down menu.

Select a domain

3. The "MX" record defines where the mail service of the domain name points to. By default, the DNS zone file on the server will contain an "MX" record that points your mail service to and an "A" record pointing the subdomain to the IP address of the server, where your account is located. In order to point the mail service to another mail service, you need to click on the "Edit" button next to the "A" record for and apply the new IP address. This will be the IP address of the mail server, to which you want to point the mail service of the domain name.

Edit DNS records

Additional information on editing existing DNS records is available in the"Modifying existing DNS records"article.

If there is no MX record present, or you need to add additional MX records, please check the  "Adding MX records" article.

After pointing your mail service to another mail server, you may need to change the mail delivery status for your mail service.

Mail Delivery

The Mail Delivery section allows you to configure how our mail server will handle email messages sent to your domain name(s). The settings on the Mail Delivery screen should only be modified in case you are using some external mail services to handle your domain name email.

Mail delivery status
There are three configuration options available:

*We are Mail Server (default configuration)
When this option is selected our mail server will accept email messages sent to your domain name and will deliver them to the mailboxes you have created on your account. This is the default configuration option.

*We are backup MX
When this option is selected our mail server will act as a backup mail server and will accept mail messages for your domain name and then queue them for delivery to your primary mail server as defined in your DNS Configuration. Please, make sure that you have your DNS records configured properly before selecting this option at the Mail Delivery screen.

When this option is selected you will not be able to use our Webmail nor will you be able to access your mailboxes which exist on our server. Also, you will not be able to use our mail server as Outgoing/SMTP server.

*External MX, External Mail Server
When this option is enabled our mail server will not accept email messages for your domain name. This option should ONLY be used if you are using another mail server which is configured to handle email for your domain name. Basically, with this option enabled mail services for your domain name at our mail server will be completely disabled.