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Your Personal Affiliate Link Code - this will be the unique identifier for all your affiliate links. The default code is your affiliate/reseller username. You can change the code, so it better suits your needs. For example, if you choose “icd-affiliate” as your code, your full affiliate link will be, and your short affiliate link will be The code has to be unique in our system, so it is possible for a certain code to be already in use.

Minimum Amount to Send (USD) - this is the minimum commission amount which you would like to be accumulated before we send it to you. Payouts are made once a week, every Tuesday.

Payout Method - you can set your preference as to how you wish to receive your commissions. We support Account Balance, PayPal, and bank transfers.

When the selected payout method is via bank transfer, then Minimum Amount to Send cannot be set to a value lower than 100 USD. There is no such limit when the selected payout method is Account Balance or PayPal.

Taxes for bank transfers will be covered by us if Minimum Amount to Send is set to 200 USD or more. Taxes will be covered by the affiliate if the payout is under 200 USD. There are no taxes for PayPal payouts.

Any changes made in this section will require a password confirmation.