Changing details/options of the Reseller account

To change the details of your Reseller account, you need to click on the "Account & Clients" > "My Account" section in the left menu. You will be introduced to a new screen with a sub-menu.

The sub-menu contains the following links:

Contact Details
Shows the details about your Reseller profile and allows you to apply changes. This section also allows you to change the username with which you log in to your Account Panel.

Doing Business As

Allows you to set auxiliary contact information that will show up in the Marketplace section of the hosting Control Panel. This is useful if you want your clients to see specific contact details or a custom message in their Marketplace section.

To add a contact, click the Add button. You will be able to create a new contact, or select an existing one. You can manage your contacts via the Contacts section.

If you have already added a contact, you can edit it by clicking on its Edit button. You can control whether to show the custom information in the Control Panel via the ON/OFF toggle on this page. To detach the contact, use the Detach button.

Here is detailed information about how the "Doing Business As" contact information is shown in the Control Panel for a hosting account:

  • For an account with billing management set to "No Client - Reseller Managed":
    • If a "Doing Business As" contact has been added for your reseller account via the My Account > Doing Business As section, it will show up in the Marketplace section of the Control Panel.
    • If a "Doing Business As" contact has been added for a particular hosting account via its management section > Doing Business As, it will override the reseller contact and show up in the Marketplace section instead.
    • If no "Doing Business As" contact has been added, a generic message to contact the hosting provider will be shown in the Marketplace section.
  • For an account in an online store:
    • If the Account Panel for clients has been enabled, the client will see information on how to access it. No "Doing Business As" contact information will be shown in this case.
    • If the Account Panel for clients has not been enabled, the client will see the contact information following the logic for a "No Client - Reseller Managed" account.

Password & Security 
Allows you to change the password of your Reseller account as well as enable two-factor authentication for your account. You can find more information in the Two-factor authentication (2FA) help section.

Allows you to change different options for your Reseller account.

SureSupport Account
A support account will be automatically created for you. You can check the connection status and disconnect the account in this section.

Custom Templates
For more information on how to edit the custom templates refer to the Editing the default Welcome e-mail template and Changing the default index page help sections.