You can assign hosting services to clients that you can set up in the ICDSoft Account Panel > "Account & Clients" > "Clients" page.

You may allow your clients access to our Account Panel for clients, where they can manage their existing services, and they can also purchase new ones. Clients remain part of your reseller account, but you can group the services belonging to the same client. This allows your end clients to manage their services as well, as they can use the Account Panel for clients to renew multiple services, or purchase new ones. The Account Panel for clients is available for clients buying directly from ICDSoft and for clients buying directly from your own online store(s).

You can add a new client by clicking the "Create a new client" button in the upper-right part of the page. When creating a Client, you need to:

  1. Choose a username and password for the client's Account Panel.
  2. Choose the store with which the new Client will be associated.
  3. Fill in the contact details.