The Hosting Accounts section

The "Hosting Accounts" section shows a list of the hosting accounts you have in the Account Panel. It also allows you to order new hosting accounts.

List of hosting accounts

  Shows the username for the Control Panel of the account.

  Billing management
  Shows whether the account's billing is managed by you (Reseller Managed) or the end client. Please refer to the Client Management help section for additional information.

  Shows the client entity associated with the hosting account.

  Buys From
  Shows from which store does the hosting account owner shop.

  Hosting plan
  Shows the hosting plan that this account is on.

  Hosting Expiration
  Shows the expiration date of the hosting account.

  Shows the server on which the account is located. The flag next to it shows the physical location of the server.

  Main domain
  Shows the main domain of the hosting account. If there are domain names parked to the account, they will be listed at the "Account Details" screen for the account. You can reach it by following the "Manage" link for the specific account.

  Domain Expiration
  Shows the expiration date of the main domain. If the domain is not registered through ICDSoft, the date is substituted with the "Foreign provider" label.

  Shows whether there is a user SSL certificate installed in this account, and whether the account is subscribed to the Advanced Security service. If the padlock is grey, then there isn't an SSL certificate installed. You can purchase one by clicking on the padlock. If the shield icon is grey, then the account is not subscribed to the Advanced Security service. You can subscribe by clicking on the shield icon.

  Shows the traffic usage of the account for the current month, along with the remaining free monthly traffic.

  Shows the current disk usage of the account, along with the allowed disk space usage

  The links in the last column allow you to perform different actions with the account - to go to the Manage screen, to log in to the hosting account Control Panel, or to renew it.

You can show/remove columns from this screen by following the Grid settings link above the list of accounts.