The Client setting of each account defines who and how can pay for the specific account. The client type could be one of the following:

No Client - Reseller Managed accounts can be renewed/upgraded only by you through your Account Panel. Billing-related emails will be sent only to you, and end customers will not see any references to ICDSoft.

Accounts of Clients can be renewed through your Account Panel and the hosting Control Panel, at the price you have set for the specific store in the Online Stores section. Your end customers will not see any references to ICDSoft. They also have access to the Account Panel for clients. It is available at the "Marketplace" section of the hosting Control Panel. Services that your clients purchase through the Account Panel for clients are automatically claimed in your Account Panel. 

For more information on the Clients interface, and how you can control the access to the Administrative panel for clients, please make sure to check the help section for Clients

You can set up an account to use ICDSoft's prices through the Account & Clients > "Clients" section of your Account Panel. There, you should either edit the Client associated with the hosting account or create a new one. When editing or creating a Client, you will be able to bind it to ICDSoft Store. The Control Panel user will see ICDSoft as a hosting provider. 

Note that to be able to move an account to a Client using a specific store, you must have the specific products enabled in the store, and have set prices.

You can change the Client setting of each hosting account through the Manage screen of the specific account in the Hosting Resources > Hosting Accounts section.