You can see a list of your hosting accounts in the "Hosting Resources" > "Hosting Accounts" section in the left menu of the Account Panel. The list contains several columns which provide general information about each hosting account, including its plan, expiration date, domain, usage, etc.

The Manage screen

By clicking on the account username, or by using the Manage button available in the "More" drop-down menu in the "ACTIONS" column on the right, you can reach the "Manage" section for the specific hosting account.

The menu for each account contains the following links:

Account Details

Shows information about the hosting account (username, signup and expiry dates, server where it is hosted, main domain, hosting plan, subscription and service status, storage and traffic usage, associated domains and SSL certificates). You can also associate a new or existing Client with the hosting account, and configure whether the "24/7 Support" link should be shown in the hosting Control Panel. The latter option is useful if you don't want your client to see information about support.

Suspension and activation of services

You can use these controls to manage the provided services for each hosting account. 

All services can be suspended by using the "Suspend account" button.

Stopping separate services is possible through the corresponding "Suspend service" button for each service.

When you stop the Mail service, the following services on the server will be completely disabled:

  • Incoming mail servers: POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS,
  • Incoming mail servers: SMTP, SMTPS

Stopping the web service for an account disables the web server on port 80 and 443, rendering the underlying site inaccessible.

Contact Details

Shows the Contact Information for the hosting account and allows its change.


You can use this link to renew the hosting account.


Allows you to purchase additional resources for the hosting account or upgrade the hosting plan to a higher level plan.

Order Domain

This link takes you to the Order section, where you can purchase another domain to be parked to this hosting account.

Order SSL Certificate

This link takes you to the Order section, where you can purchase an SSL certificate and have it attached to your hosting account. You can also purchase standalone SSL certificates for installation on external web servers.

SSH Access

Lists the SSH keys for the hosting account.

Doing Business As

Allows you to set auxiliary contact information that will show up in the account's Marketplace section of the hosting Control Panel. Use this feature if you want the current account to see specific contact details or a custom message in their Marketplace section.

Account Notes

Allows you to add Private notes or Notes to our support staff.

Change Password

This interface allows you to change the password of the hosting Control Panel, without knowing the current one.


Allows you to unclaim the hosting account from the Account Panel.

The Reseller Panel allows you to manage only administrative information related to a hosting account. To manage other features, such as uploading files, creating mailboxes, etc., you have to use the Control Panel of the hosting account. Check the Logging to the hosting account Control Panel help section for additional information on how to log into the Control Panel of the hosting account.

Renew vs. Bulk Renew

The Hosting Accounts section allows you to renew your existing hosting accounts and their related services. For this purpose, you can use the buttons "Bulk Renew" and "Renew" in the "ACTIONS" column on the right. While the "Renew" will simply add the hosting account and its related resources (such as the domain) to the shopping cart, the "Bulk Renew" feature will allow you to add more than one account for renewal, and from the "Bulk Renewal" section, you would be able to choose exactly which services you want to renew.