The "Move service" section under "Manage Ownership" allows you to push services to another reseller, as well as accept services from other resellers. A "service" under this section would mean any hosting account, domain name, or SSL certificate.

Pushing services to another reseller

You can transfer/move to another reseller the ownership of a hosting account, domain, or any related service, using the Push procedure. To push a service, you need to:

1. Select the service you want to push. Enter a part of its name in the "Select service" field. A drop-down will display a list with the results, and you can choose the service you want to push.
2. Select the additional/related service you want to include in the push, by checking the respective box in front of it. For example, if you are pushing a hosting account, you would be able to choose whether to include the domain registration (if a domain registration is added to this hosting account).
3. Enter the username of the reseller you are pushing to, and click the "Move" button.

The push request will appear under the "Requests List" section. Now the accepting reseller can either accept or reject the transfer.

Requests List

The "Requests List" section contains a list of all outgoing and incoming push requests - the corresponding reseller, the included services, the date of the push, its status, as well as the possible actions.

Outgoing requests: These are the push requests that you have initiated to another reseller. You can cancel the requests are not yet accepted or rejected by the receiving reseller.

Incoming requests: These are the requests that other resellers initiated to move services to you. You can either accept or reject each incoming push request.