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You can manually change the status of items in your online store orders via the order edit section accessible via Online Stores -> Orders section -> Edit button next to the order (you can also click on the order number). The available statuses for online store orders are:

  • New - when a new order is placed in your online store, it will be set with this status.
  • Completed - if there is an automatic or manual payment received for the order, its status will be set to Completed. This status cannot be set manually for new domains, new SSL certificates, or additional hosting resources.
  • Canceled - this status will be set for canceled orders. If a hosting plan is set with a Canceled status, details for the hosting plan and the details and status for all associated items cannot be changed.

Setting a new status for a hosting plan will automatically change the status of all associated items that had the same initial status.

When making the payment to us for an online store order via the Checkout or Add to cart buttons, you can delete an item from the list. Deleting a hosting plan from the order will change the status of the hosting plan and associated items to New, while deleting only an associated item will set its status to Canceled.