The orders placed through your stores, but for which there is no online payment received yet, will stay in the Online Stores > Orders section with payment status Awaiting payment. If you receive money from your customers through an offline method, you can add such payment for any order in this status. This is done by clicking on Edit for the specific order, and using the button Add Payment. You can add a partial or a full payment. If the amount of the added payment covers the amount needed for the order, then the payment status of the order will change from Awaiting payment to Paid.

Please note that if you have Automatic Order Processing turned on for your store, and you add a payment for an order, then the Reseller panel will try to process the order automatically. If you have available funds in the reseller account, then the order will be sent to us for processing, and the customer will receive the ordered service. If the available funds in the account are not enough to cover the ICDSoft's price for the service, then the order will stay in the Online Stores > Orders section, and you will have to process it manually.