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Site Cleanup requests limit

We will clean your website after an infection if you have an active subscription. We do not place limits on the cleanups. However, after each cleanup, we will give you a list of things to do in order to improve the security of your website. Once a website is hacked, it becomes a frequent target for attackers, as they know it is an easy target, and additional security precautions must be taken to secure the website. If you don't complete the needed security measures, and the site gets hacked again, in addition to delaying our initial response, we may refuse to provide further cleanups until you comply with our security recommendations.

Cleanup process timeframe

All site cleanups are performed manually by an experienced security expert. We use automated tools for cleanups, but we don't rely entirely on them. That's why a full cleanup of a website may take up to 12 hours. The usual turnaround time is 3 hours, though. In addition to that, after each incident, we issue a full log of our actions, and a full report, along with security advice, which may take additional 12 hours to be prepared.

One-off Site Cleanup

We do not offer one-off payments for this service. Our market research has shown that most one-time cleanups usually cost more than our price, and they provide less protection. Instead of simply cleaning the website and leaving the customer out in the open again, we have decided to include additional security and monitoring features during the active subscription period.

Transferring an infected site from another provider

If your website is already infected at your current hosting provider, we will clean it. In fact, we will also transfer it for free from your previous hosting provider with our included Free Site Migration service.

First steps after a hacking incident

You just need to notify us by submitting a ticket or via email. If you don't have an active subscription, we will provide you with a link to activate it, and we will start working on your case right away.

Backups before a Site Cleanup

The first thing we do when we receive a Site Cleanup request is to create a so-called "quarantined backup". This backup is useful for our investigation, for your reference, and sometimes, to the relevant authorities, if you bring the case up for official investigation.

Site status after the Cleanup process

After any changes we make, we perform tests on the website to ensure we haven't broken some core functionality. This is a very rare occurrence, and although we are very cautious and take a lot of precautions, sometimes the infection is so deeply rooted in the site files that cleaning it up without affecting some core functionality inadvertently is not possible. If you detect any issue with your website after a cleanup, contact us immediately.