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  • IMPORTANT: An "Incorrect password" error in your e-mail program
  • Creating e-mail accounts
  • Accessing e-mail accounts
  • Automatic e-mail configuration (autodiscover/autoconfig)
  • Supported e-mail protocols and ports
  • SMTP/outgoing mail ports
  • Problems using the SMTP server
  • Changing the disk space quota of a mailbox
  • E-mail forwarding and autoresponders
  • Differences between POP and IMAP
  • Viewing e-mail message headers
  • Mail accounts over quota
  • Checking e-mail through secure connection
  • Configuring MS Outlook/Outlook Express to leave a copy of downloaded messages on the server
  • Error message "553: Sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts"
  • Forgotten e-mail password
  • Limit of the number e-mail recipients
  • Message size limits
  • Downloading your incoming messages via Gmail over the POP3 protocol
  • Deleting all e-mail messages in a folder through the Webmail interface
  • Possible issues when using POP3 and SpamAssassin