Installing SugarCRM CE [version 6.5.26]

You need to follow these steps to install SugarCRM CE:

1. Download the installation from the site of the vendor. SugarCRM can be obtained from:


2. Once you have downloaded the archive that contains the installation, you need to upload it into your disk space.

You can upload the archive and use the web hosting Control Panel's File Manager to extract the package.

3. Create a new MySQL database and user for the SugarCRM application. For security reasons, MySQL databases and users can be created only through the hosting Control Panel. Detailed instructions on the process are available in our Creating a MySQL database/user article.

Once you have the database and MySQL user created, you should associate the MySQL user with the database by following the instructions from our Associating a MySQL user with a database article. Unless you have a reason to do otherwise, you can select all available privileges for the new MySQL user.

4. You should access with your browser the directory in which the extracted SugarCRM files are located. Select the language for the installation interface from the "Choose your language" menu and click "Next" to proceed.

5. At the next step you need to click "Next" again.

6. If you agree with the software license information, check the "I Accept" box and click "Next".

7. At the "Installation options" screen select "Typical Install" and click "Next".

8. Select "MySQL (mysqli extension)" for "Database Type"and click "Next".

9. At the "Database Configuration" screen you should specify the following details:

Database Name: the name of the MySQL database you created for your SugarCRM application.
Host Name
: localhost
Database Administrator Username
: enter the MySQL username you created at your web hosting Control Panel's MySQL section for your SugarCRM application.
Database Admin Password
: enter the password you assigned to your MySQL user.
Sugar Database Username
: leave the default "Same as Admin User" option.
Populate Database with Demo Data?
: Select this option if you want to install sample demo data.

Database Configuration

Click "Next".

10. Click "I Accept" if you wish to proceed with the installation with the specified details.

11. At "Site Configuration" you need to specify the user and password combination for the administration of your site.

Click "Next".

12. You will be asked to verify and confirm your settings. If you get a warning about Upload File Size, you can increase it by adding the following line to a PHP configuration file (php.ini) in your hosting account:

post_max_size = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 128M

You can learn more on how to change various PHP settings in our Changing PHP Settings article.

To proceed with the installation, click "Install". If you want to change some of the settings, click "Back".

13. After the installation is complete, click "Next".

14. If you wish to receive e-mails with news and other useful information from SugarCRM's team, you can fill out the form and submit it through the "Submit" button.

Click "Next".

15. Set the permissions of the cache directory to 775. Information on how to set permissions can be found at the Setting permissions section.

16. SugarCRM is installed successfully. You will now be able to login with the username and password you specified at step 11.

Important notice: You should monitor the site of the software vendor for any security updates of your installed application.