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Jan 21, 2020

Account Panel for clients in an Online Store

Today we released a new feature for our Online Stores system. Following up on the recent releases of the Account Panel for end clients, and the Clients interface allowing you to group services under a single Client entity, we are now releasing the Account Panel for Clients in an Online Store.

In the following paragraphs we will give a short overview of the ICDSoft Online Stores system and its components.

A quick overview of the ICDSoft Online Stores system

As a hosting provider focused on resellers, developers, and agencies, one of the major projects at ICDSoft has been our Online Stores system. It allows any registered reseller/partner to create hosting stores with their own pricing structure for the purpose of reselling ICDSoft's services to end customers. The Online Stores system has several major components:

Online Stores

The online stores functionality is the major building block of the system. It allows you to manage the services you wish to offer to your end clients, set your own prices, and configure your branding.

Account Panel for your clients

The Account Panel for end clients allows your clients to manage their services from a single interface, order and renew services at your prices, etc.


This is the component that gives your services a name. It allows you to create customer profiles (Clients) and assign purchased services to them. Each client gets their own Account Panel where all assigned services can be managed.

Hosted Storefront

The hosted storefront is a functionality allowing you to quickly build an online hosting store in order to attract new customers to your brand. With this option you no longer need a website or hosting as we host and provide the entire solution for you.

WordPress plugin, Widget, API Endpoint

These three features allow you to build your own custom hosting shop. If you want to build a more advanced website, this is the recommended method. We have a detailed tutorial on the building of a fully working online hosting website from the ground up with our WordPress plugin and Elementor:

How to Start Your Own Hosting Company At Home – the Complete Guide

With today's release, we mark the completion of the major components for our Online Store system.