Mar 20, 2020

ICDSoft now provides compensation for unused time at previous host

We now offer free months of hosting to customers moving from another provider where they have an unused period of their hosting subscription. To receive the compensation, clients must provide proof of the remaining time with the previous provider such as screenshots showing service due date, service-related receipts/invoices, or similar.

The maximum free hosting period we can add depends on the hosting plan:

- For shared hosting plans - up to 6 months.
- For VPS hosting plans - up to 1 month.

To request the compensation, clients must submit a support ticket through the ICDSoft Account Panel and include the proof of remaining time with the previous host. The request must be submitted during the first 30 days of a new hosting subscription. More information is available in our FAQ section.

We hope that this new complementary feature, combined with our great prices and free site migrations, will make the switch to ICDSoft even easier.

Feb 7, 2020

ICDSoft rewards its most successful partners for 2019

At ICDSoft we know how hard it is to build and maintain a successful business. This is why we have always done our best to help our clients and partners by developing tools and solutions for every business - from small web agencies to high-volume companies.

This year we decided to help growing businesses by providing them with a rebate amounting to the total value of their new hosting purchases made in 2019. We hope this will give our partners a solid base to continue their growth in 2020 as well.

Jan 21, 2020

Account Panel for clients in an Online Store

Today we released a new feature for our Online Stores system. Following up on the recent releases of the Account Panel for end clients, and the Clients interface allowing you to group services under a single Client entity, we are now releasing the Account Panel for Clients in an Online Store.

In the following paragraphs we will give a short overview of the ICDSoft Online Stores system and its components.

A quick overview of the ICDSoft Online Stores system

As a hosting provider focused on resellers, developers, and agencies, one of the major projects at ICDSoft has been our Online Stores system. It allows any registered reseller/partner to create hosting stores with their own pricing structure for the purpose of reselling ICDSoft's services to end customers. The Online Stores system has several major components:

Online Stores

The online stores functionality is the major building block of the system. It allows you to manage the services you wish to offer to your end clients, set your own prices, and configure your branding.

Account Panel for your clients

The Account Panel for end clients allows your clients to manage their services from a single interface, order and renew services at your prices, etc.


This is the component that gives your services a name. It allows you to create customer profiles (Clients) and assign purchased services to them. Each client gets their own Account Panel where all assigned services can be managed.

Hosted Storefront

The hosted storefront is a functionality allowing you to quickly build an online hosting store in order to attract new customers to your brand. With this option you no longer need a website or hosting as we host and provide the entire solution for you.

WordPress plugin, Widget, API Endpoint

These three features allow you to build your own custom hosting shop. If you want to build a more advanced website, this is the recommended method. We have a detailed tutorial on the building of a fully working online hosting website from the ground up with our WordPress plugin and Elementor:

How to Start Your Own Hosting Company At Home – the Complete Guide

With today's release, we mark the completion of the major components for our Online Store system.

Jan 13, 2020

Easier client management with the ICDSoft Clients feature

The recent introduction of the Account Panel for clients was just the first step towards our new client management model. It is now time for the second step that will further enhance the CRM-like experience for our partners and resellers. Meet our new Clients feature - an easier way to manage your end clients and their hosting services.

What is this Clients feature?

Simply put, it is an easy way to manage service ownership and group multiple services under a single owner called Client. You decide who pays for a specific service and how much it costs:

- Clients configured to use an online store will be able to purchase only services enabled in it at the prices set up in that store.

- Clients configured to use the ICDSoft store will have access to all services provided by ICDSoft; they will still take advantage of your reseller discounts.

You can create and remove Clients, change their usernames and details, associate services with Clients, as well as move services between existing Clients.

A Client example

If you have a friend using more than one hosting account with you, you can now easily associate these accounts with just one Client, and the Account Panel for clients will allow your friend to manage these accounts from a single interface. Each Client can purchase new services, upgrade existing ones, and manage all aspects of their account without having to go through you.

For example, if you associate a Client with the ICDSoft store, they will use your discounts and will interact with ICDSoft for their billing needs. If you have an online store and associate a Client with that store, this Client will buy from you directly at the prices you have defined in your store.

Dec 12, 2019

Account Panel for reseller partners' end clients

We have introduced a new administrative Account Panel for the clients of our reseller partners. It provides end clients with their own hosting management interface and allows them to easily make new purchases and upgrades.

This is a great feature for agencies and developers who don't wish to be the hosting provider for their clients, but still need access to their clients' hosting services. For example, you could easily build a website for a client and keep it connected to your reseller account, but your client will renew their hosting service and purchase new services directly with ICDSoft.

Here's a quick overview of some of the advantages of the new Account Panel:

- End clients can order new services at great prices - the more hosting accounts they have, the bigger discount all parties gain.

- End clients get access to exclusive services that are not available in the hosting Control Panel - domain management, domain transfers, SSL certificates, Advanced Security.

- End clients get access to the SmartVPS platform where they can host multiple projects on a VPS.