Aug 5, 2020

SSL Certificates Can Be Purchased for a Maximum of One Year

Most browsers have adopted new policies regarding the validity of newly issued SSL certificates. SSL certificates issued after September 1, 2020 would be considered valid only if they have 398 days or less until expiration.

As a result, all SSL certificates offered by ICDSoft can now be purchased/renewed for a maximum of one year. This change affects all ICDSoft interfaces and customer stores.

Jun 17, 2020

Addon Domains Now Available on Our SmartVPS Platform

To meet the growing demand for multi-purpose VPS solutions, last year we created our SmartVPS plans that allow ICDSoft clients and partners to host many separate hosting accounts on a single VPS. The SmartVPS platform gives our customers the freedom to create custom hosting plans, host and manage as many projects as they want, and easily control the resources of each hosting account they set up.

We are now further extending the flexibility of our SmartVPS platform by giving our partners the option to choose how to host multiple websites depending on their specific needs. With a SmartVPS plan from ICDSoft, one can host their web projects under separate hosting accounts, or as separate websites under the same account using the new "Addon Domains" feature. Furthermore, each addon domain has its own separate, fully functional mailboxes.

The introduction of addon domains to our SmartVPS platform will make it easier for everyone (from web developers and agencies, to webmasters and resellers) to manage their web projects and provide a complete and flexible solution to their clients and users. The "Addon Domains" feature brings a much desired functionality that many people may find more convenient than using separate hosting accounts.

May 27, 2020

Business Plus Plan Gets a Disk Space Upgrade, Now Offers 150 GB

We've got some really good news for all current and future ICDSoft clients - we have significantly upgraded the disk space on our Business Plus plan. The upgrade process has already been completed, and from now on the plan will offer 150 GB of disk space.

The Business Plus plan is the perfect solution for people who need more disk space and CPU resources than that available on the Business plan, but are not yet ready to move to a single-site VPS. Here are some of the main features of the Business Plus Plan:

- Disk space - 150 GB
- CPU limit  - 300 minutes/day
- MySQL usage limit - 60 minutes/day
- Maximum mailbox size - 30 GB
- Free RapidSSL certificate (worth $30 USD)

And, as with each and every one of the hosting plans offered by ICDSoft, you get and can fully utilize the resources you pay for when you get a Business Plus plan. You can use the significant amount of storage to host a heavy and popular website, keep a large collection of web files, give more space to important mailboxes containing business-related communication, etc.

Current ICDSoft clients and partners can easily upgrade an existing hosting account to the Business Plus plan, or get a brand new account for a new project, through the ICDSoft Account Panel. New customers can order the plan directly from our Web Hosting page.

May 14, 2020

Introducing ICDSoft's New Service - Extended Backups

Here at ICDSoft we have always believed that backups are an essential part of the hosting package. This is why we provide automatic daily backups for all hosting plans at no extra cost. We make these backups twice a day, and we keep them for 7 days for shared hosting accounts, and for 15 days for VPS plans.

We have received many requests for extended backups from customers. As part of our recent hardware upgrades, we fully upgraded our storage, backup, and network systems, and we are now ready to offer this service.

So, we are happy to introduce our new service called Extended Backups. It is an upgrade option which provides 12 months of extra backups for a hosting account. Extended backups start accumulating after purchasing the upgrade. With the Extended Backups service, all account data gets backed up on the 1st and 15th day of each month, and each backup is kept for 12 months on a separate server.

Clients can easily purchase the Extended Backups upgrade via the Upgrades section available in the management page for each hosting account in the ICDSoft Account Panel.

No matter whether you have a shared hosting account, a powerful single-site VPS plan, or a multi-functional SmartVPS where you can host multiple hosting accounts on a single VPS, our Extended Backups service has you covered. All data gets backed up on a separate machine, and you can easily restore from it at any time via the Restore section in the hosting Control Panel. What's more, if you purchase an "Extended Backups" upgrade for our newest VPS plans (SmartVPS and SmartVPS Pro), it will automatically apply to each individual account hosted on such a plan.

For the best possible account protection, clients can combine the Extended Backups upgrade with our Advanced Security service that can also be ordered at the Upgrades section.

May 8, 2020

Special Price for New .EU Domains

We are happy to announce that until the end of this year (2020) all new .EU domains will cost 1.75 EUR for the first year of registration (when purchased with hosting). So, if you are eligible to register a .EU domain, grab one now together with a hosting account at a fair price. You can find more information about the .EU domain extension on our .EU Domain Names page.

We sell domains at a fair price even if you don't get a hosting account with us. You can check our Domain Registration Pricing List for more information.