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Jun 16, 2021

Automatic Balance Clearance/Automatic Payments Now Available

We now support automatic balance clearance via PayPal and automatic service renewals via the Account Balance feature.

Our new Automatic Payments system gives ICDSoft partners who have the Account Balance feature enabled the option to have services renewed automatically. This way you can automate your payment interactions and avoid any potential downtime due to service expiration.

Who can use Automatic Payments?

To be able to use the new system, you need to:

How to enable automatic service renewal?

You can enable the Auto Renewal feature from the ICDSoft Account Panel Dashboard. Once this is done, you will be able to activate the Auto Renewal option for your hosting accounts, domain names, and SSL certificates via the management page for the specific service. Any hosting resource (domain name, SSL certificate, Extended Backups, Advanced Security, Dedicated IP address) associated with a hosting account can be configured separately.

How does it work?

When a service is due for renewal, and it has the Auto Renewal option enabled, the system will automatically renew the service and add the renewal fee as a debit to the Account Balance. Once a month, the system will clear any outstanding balance by charging your PayPal account automatically.

You can still pay for services manually even if they are included in an automatic payment. The payment and expiration dates will be updated automatically. You can also cancel automatic payments at any time without any extra fees.