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May 8, 2020

Automatic WordPress and Nextcloud Installation for New Accounts

ICDSoft clients and partners can now order new accounts with a preinstalled software package directly at the Order New Account screen in the ICDSoft Account Panel. The supported software packages are WordPress and Nextcloud Hub.

There should be no need to explain what WordPress is. We'll simply say that it is the most popular website building software today, which is exactly why we have a dedicated WordPress management section in the hosting Control Panel, and also why we added it as an option for automatic installation on the order screen.

Many users install WordPress once their hosting account is set up, so we wanted to help our partners by simplifying this process for them as much as possible. The option to install WordPress automatically is available for all hosting plans. We install the latest stable WordPress version in the account's main document root.

The other option for software installation is Nextcloud Hub. It is an online content collaboration platform which offers productivity tools similar to those provided by public cloud services, but with one major difference - privacy. With Nextcloud Hub, you own your data! We have a blog post where we take a look at 10 free and private alternatives to public cloud services, and Nextcloud Hub is featured heavily there:

10 Free and Private Alternatives to Public Cloud Services

The option to install Nextcloud Hub automatically upon order completion is available only for VPS plans. Although it is possible to install and use Nextcloud Hub on an ICDSoft shared server, its resource consumption is best suited for VPS solutions. We install the latest stable version of Nextcloud Hub in a subfolder on the account.

In case you want to install both WordPress and Nextcloud Hub, you have the option to do so, as long as you order one of our VPS plans.