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Feb 9, 2022

New PHP Version Available on All ICDSoft Servers - PHP 8.1

Today we have added a brand new PHP version - PHP 8.1 - as an option for all ICDSoft hosting plans. More information about the new features and changes introduced in PHP 8.1, as well as details on how to migrate your codebase from PHP 8.0.x to PHP 8.1.x, can be found on the official PHP website at:

Migrating from PHP 8.0.x to PHP 8.1.x

PHP 8.1 is the latest addition to the long list of PHP versions we already support on our servers:

  • PHP 5.3*
  • PHP 5.6*
  • PHP 7.1*
  • PHP 7.2*
  • PHP 7.3*
  • PHP 7.4
  • PHP 8.0
  • PHP 8.1

PHP versions marked with an asterisk are in end-of-life status, and there are no security releases for them. If you are running an obsolete PHP version, we would strongly recommend that you update to a newer PHP version as soon as possible. This will result in better security and faster loading times for your software.

For blazing fast websites and the best possible experience for your visitors, make sure you combine a new PHP version with our server-side optimization solution - FPM with OPcache. Check out our blog post on benchmarking WordPress loading times for more information on the performance gains you can expect.

To test the new PHP version on your ICDSoft hosting account, use the hosting Control Panel > PHP settings section to change the PHP version with a single click. Detailed instructions are available in the ICDSoft Knowledge Base > PHP version section.

As PHP 8.1 is still quite new, many software applications are not yet compatible with it. In case you see any errors after switching to PHP 8.1, you can revert back to the previous PHP version via the same interface at any time.

To maintain the best compatibility and performance with as many web applications as possible, the default PHP version for new accounts on our servers will remain PHP 7.4 with "FPM with OPcache" enabled.