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Apr 6, 2023

Extra CPU Power for All Managed VPS Plans and More RAM for the SmartVPS Platform

For the past couple of months here at ICDSoft we've been test-running an automatic performance boosting system on all VPS plans. We call this system CPU Burst, and it basically improves VPS performance by unlocking additional CPU cores at no extra cost. The system performs exceptionally well, and our stats show that VPS plans take advantage of CPU Burst 99% of the time.

CPU Burst has been running on all VPS plans for some time, and we can now announce it officially. We've got even more good news about our SmartVPS platform, so make sure you read this message until the end.

CPU Burst Explained

Each VPS plan has a number of dedicated CPU cores. Тhe more CPU cores a VPS plan has, the better overall performance users enjoy. This is pretty straightforward, and it is how most VPS solutions on the market work. So how is ICDSoft's solution different?

In essence, regardless of the number of dedicated CPU cores a VPS plan has, our CPU Burst technology allows it to use at least 8 CPU cores in order to speed up the execution of all tasks. The CPU resource consumption of each VPS is checked every two hours, and if the server utilizes more CPU cores than those allotted in its plan, the system automatically sets the number of CPU cores back to the number of dedicated CPU cores for the VPS plan. After two hours, if the server does not fully utilize the CPU cores specified in its plan, the system will automatically enable CPU Burst for it again.

Basically, in times when the CPU cores available on the server are not fully utilized and there is idle CPU power we can give you as CPU Burst, we do it, and we don't charge you anything extra for the additional CPU cores. And even when the CPU usage of a VPS does not allow it to use CPU Burst, it still gets all dedicated CPU cores that are included in the plan.

Extra System RAM for SmartVPS Plans

The SmartVPS platform gives you the freedom to host and manage multiple web projects under separate hosting accounts, or as separate websites under the same account as addon domains.

In order to handle multiple sites even better, the SmartVPS platform now gets at least 2 GB of additional RAM for system processes on top of the dedicated RAM for each SmartVPS plan. User processes still get the same amount of RAM, but now there is more RAM for system tasks. This means that the guaranteed dedicated RAM will now be used almost explicitly for user processes, as there is additional RAM for system-related tasks.

We hope these free VPS performance upgrades make the decision to purchase a VPS plan from ICDSoft even easier for anyone who needs a stable and feature-rich VPS solution at a great price!