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Apr 7, 2022

New MySQL Version Available for All ICDSoft Hosting Plans - MySQL 8

We are glad to announce that, starting today, all ICDSoft users now have the option to use MySQL 8 databases with their applications.

No need to worry about existing MySQL 5 databases; we are not removing MySQL 5 anytime soon. We are just upgrading the hosting environment with the option to use a newer version of MySQL that comes with security and performance improvements.

What's New in MySQL 8?

MySQL 8 brings a lot of new features, and it deprecates and removes some as well. You can find more information on the official website:

What Is New in MySQL 8.0

How Does the New MySQL Setup Work?

We have two separate MySQL instances running simultaneously - MySQL 5 and MySQL 8. From the hosting Control Panel > MySQL Databases section, users can choose their preferred MySQL version for each new database they create and manage. It is possible to have both MySQL 5 and MySQL 8 databases at the same time, but each database is separate and depends on the MySQL version chosen at creation time.

Our 1-click software installation platform App Installer will use MySQL 8 for all new installations. With our WordPress installation tool, ICDSoft clients will be able to select the desired MySQL version for each new WordPress installation.

How to Upgrade a MySQL 5 Database to MySQL 8?

We have a detailed tutorial on the upgrade process in our online documentation:

Migrating a MySQL 5 database to MySQL 8

What Happens With MySQL 5?

We will keep supporting and updating MySQL 5.7 on our servers. However, MySQL 5.7 will reach EOL (end of life) in October, 2023. Thus, we would strongly recommend using MySQL 8 for new databases and upgrading all MySQL 5 databases in the near future.

The new MySQL version is already available to all hosting plans on all servers at no extra cost.