Jul 17, 2020

Server-side Caching Now Available

Following up on our recent introduction of PHP-FPM with OPcache, we are happy to announce the addition of a brand new feature designed to further improve website speed and performance - Server-side Caching.

As of today, both PHP-FPM and Server-side Caching are available at no extra cost to all hosting accounts and all VPS solutions in all data centers.

You can find the PHP-FPM release announcement at:

А New, Faster PHP Execution Model Now Availablе

What is Server-Side Caching?

Our server-side caching mechanism uses an internal NGINX server which handles incoming requests for cached pages. When pages are cached and served by the NGINX server, their delivery speed is increased because each page is served as a static file from the cache instead of being generated on the fly.

The server-side caching mechanism has been tested and is compatible with the most popular software used on our servers - WordPress, and its e-commerce platform - WooCommerce.

The Server-Side Caching feature can be enabled with a single click via the hosting Control Panel > "Server-Side Caching" section.